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    Porsche sold more Cayenne than 911 and Boxster

    In May 2003, Porsche sold 3239 cars in the US, as much as never before.
    This is the good news.
    The bad news: 1479 Porsche out of the 3239 were Cayenne.
    This means that Porsche sells now more Cayenne to the US than 911 or Boxsters.
    A new beginning for Porsche or just the beginning of an end of a longtime sports car tradition? The future will tell.

    Name change

    If Porsche name its SUV products to a different name with different logo instead of just 'Porsche'. This might seperate the image of Porsche sport car and Porsche future luxury car.

    The sport car image of Porsche may worth more than just short term profit...

    Our grandkids will think of Porsche as luxury cars company.

    Re: Name change

    If Porsche name its SUV products to a different name with different logo instead of just 'Porsche'. This might seperate the image of Porsche sport car and Porsche future luxury car.

    The sport car image of Porsche may worth more than just short term profit...

    Our grandkids will think of Porsche as luxury cars company.

    I think they did a strategic mistake on a longterm run.
    But I also hope I'm wrong.
    I would have modified an existing Mercedes or BMW SUV to Porsche specs and sold it as a ML or X5 "by Porsche".
    In my opinion this would have been better for Porsche's sports car image.

    But maybe I'm wrong, I've been wrong about the new BMW design too (apparently). You can see the new Z4 at almost every corner here in Bavaria and I'm almost sure that the new 5-series will sell like hell, despite the criticism.
    Maybe people really want something knew but I always have to remember the 928. In it's final days, the 928 was a pretty good and mature Porsche product but customers started to abandon it (despite it's qualities and perfection) because it was too heavy and too much comfort oriented.

    As I don't have to make a buying decision right now, I don't really care what comes next from Porsche. Things could look different in 3-4 years though. So if they want to keep me as a customer, they should improve the design (more refined), increase horse power and offer more possibilities to choose a sportier model if I like too. I'd suggest converting Porsche Motorsport into some kind of "M-Gmbh or AMG" version of Porsche.

    Re: Name change

    Ewww! That would be horrible and even more of a blasphemy if Porsche just rebadged another SUV like the ML or X5. Porsche definitely went the right way by building the car themselves (with the help of VW of course). It gives them credibility and regardless of what you hardcores say out there, Porsche does have off road pedigree (Paris-Dakar). Now can Land Rover make a claim to that...I don't think so. And the Land Rover range is supposed to be the ultimate off roader/SUV. Not only does the Cayenne match it off road - it positively kills it onroad. Porsche has a niche in the market and I do not think BMW or Mercedes can match it for if they do it will be very expensive to do so and will alienate all those soccer moms who bought the ML and X5 in the first place. Merc and BMW know better. For a guess, Porsche SHOULD have no match in the near futurre with its Cayenne (provided that updates are genuine and not the 5% power increase type we have been getting).

    Personally, I do not consider the Cayenne a luxury car. I consider it a performance car...and notice I did not consider it a sports car. It is definitely not that. It is a perfect car to compliment the 911 or Boxster and soon to be GT car. So if Porsche races again, all will be settled and everyone will be happy no matter what Porsche does. The bean counters and hard cores.

    Lastly, Porsche would be mistaken if they created a performance brand. Then everyone would just want that rather than a "regular" Porsche. Porsche needs to keep the brand image that everything they make is premium and high performance. Well, upon further analysis, Porsche does have a performance brand - Porsche Motorsport. They created the GT3, GT2, and Carrera GT! And we all know it but it is not branded so that those cars peformance pedigree leaks down into the other "lower" models. And what more performance mods would you want that Exclusive can not provide. They offer exhaust, power kits, suspension upgrades, aerokits, and interior bits (roll cages, sport seats) for just about every model. The only exception being that the Cabs can not get the "really low" sport suspension and their is no Turbo Sport Exhaust unless you buy the X50 upgrade. AMG and M Gmbh can not provide that kind of individuality. That mass customization Porsche provides is also the reason why Exclusive options are so expensive too.

    Too bad for the 928. That car was ahead of its time. I think that now people will begin to allow Porsche the right to build other cars beside the 911. We now have the Boxster and Cayenne and no one with the money is seeming to back off! Bring on the new Boxster, 911, and GT cars!

    Re: Porsche sold more Cayenne than 911 and Boxster

    Was that PAG/PCNA sales to dealers, or dealer "retail" sales???

    Sport exhaust for X50?

    I didn't know the X50 came with a sport exhaust, if you could confirm that, this would be great news, as the only downside I can think of with the turbo is that its noise is not that nice (very quiet because of the Turbos)

    Re: Sport exhaust for X50?


    I apologize...I do not think the X50 actually has a true Porsche Sport Exhaust like what is offered for the Boxster and NA 996. The X50 though does have exhaust changes (for more power) and to my ears X50 Turbos (at least the one I rode in) do have a deeper more GT2 like sound in comparison to just the regular Turbos. I hope this clears things up.

    Re: Sport exhaust for X50?

    You're right, Robbie. The X50 doesn't have a special sport exhaust but uses the same exhaust system as the GT2 does. This explains the almost similar sound of both cars.

    To Francois: the first Turbos were pretty quiet but I think there have been changes in exhaust sound starting around MY 2003. The current 996 Turbos sound pretty nice but not as nice as a 996 with Porsche sport exhaust of course.

    Thanks guys (NT)




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