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    X74 (Anders)

    The thread started with options and now we are talking about suspensions
    Since it was going all over the place, I'll start a new thread.
    Anders, thank you for your reply,
    Very informatinve and useful.
    Christian, I don't suppose you would gain a lot with those 30 mm suspensions for either the Carreras or Turbos but do you really gain in terms of andling and if yes how?
    One thing is sure, I saw one the other day and it looks much more purposeful, ready to eat the tarmac
    I love low sport cars
    congrats to you Anders

    Re: X74 (Anders)

    Thanks Fanch. I do love them low myself. Seeing an X74 car in the flesh finally convinced me that 996's weren't so bad after all...

    You're right - the previous thread really got out of control...

    I don't know all the technicalitys about handling but I do know that I feel more comfortable in high speed corners in my car compared with an M030.


    Re: X74 (Anders)

    That's good to know about corner stability, thanks.
    I have 030 myself, couldn't go for X74 since it is a cabriolet and apparently, for rigidity reasons, Porsche doesn't make it available on cabs
    But I suppose they're right.
    Next one will definitly be a Coupe.
    More rigid and slicker looking
    In fact, it's good to change.

    Re: X74 (Anders)

    You've driven a X74? Details please....
    My X74 parts are all in, hope to have it installed next week. I am also installing the GT3 sway bars with GT3R adjustable drop links.

    Porsche introduced the X73 this year which is a slightly softer -30mm suspesnion for the cabs.


    Didn't know about that,
    could be quite a good investment
    Or maybe I'll wait for a coupe, you don't want so stiff suspensions on a cab, especially when you're cruising top down on bumpy roads!

    Re: X74 (Anders)

    I thought X73 was the -20 (in addition to the std -10) mm option for C4S & the turbo?

    I have an X74 car and have so far only good things to say (apart from the obvious ride height issues) about it. A few of my responses to fanch (and you I think ) are buried in the "pricey options" thread...


    Re: X74 (Anders)

    I believe you are correct, the X73 is only a -20mm.

    A few questions on the X74...

    1. Do the front struts have 'camber plates' as the top mounts?
    2. Do you know what chassis mods were done to you car at the factory as part of the X74?
    3. Do you have any pictures, so I can see he ride height?


    Personally, I never heard of X73. I only know X74 which is the 30 mm sport suspension system available from Exclusive for the 996 C2 and C4.
    Right now, there is no 30 mm suspension system available for the Cab and there never has been one available from Porsche.
    Porsche even suspended the M030 on the Cab a while ago for a short period of time because there were problems with the roof of the Cab as far as I heard.

    Yes, there will be a 30 mm sport suspension available for the C4S and Turbo (starting beginning of 2003) but I don't know if it will be X73 or X75 or whatsoever.

    I truely love X74...good choice, Anders.

    Re: X73

    Not sure where I saw it for the cab... but found this...
    X73 Sport suspension (20 mm lowered) 1.811,93
    on option list for 2003 TT in Belgium

    I know I saw it somewhere for the cab, I thought in the order guide from GB

    Re: X73

    This might be I said before, I don't know what option code the 30 mm suspension for the 996 Turbo/C4S will get. I don't know if this dealer just "invented" this option number (X73) or if it is the original one. I can find out.
    "X73" isn't availble yet.
    But there is no such thing for the Cab, trust me.

    X73 Confirmed!!!

    Hi all,
    Just checked on the 08/02 options list and here we are:
    X73 for C4S and Turbo, Sport CHASSIS -20mm, 1700 Euro tax NOT incl (wow that's steep )
    Same price for the X74 though.
    And only 030 (Sport suspension -10 mm) available for cabs.

    Just checked

    ... the code of the sport suspension (-20mm) for the 996TT is X73. Available in January / February 2003

    Re: X74 (Anders)

    1. Since I'm somewhat suspension impaired I'm not really sure what you're asking about. Can you give me more details on what to look for?

    2. I asked at the dealer but noone seemed to know. I have asked Porsche Sweden to send me all technical details they have on both X51 & X74. I'll let you know if there's anything in there regarding the mods.

    3. Here are two mediocre shots (from my DV camera) but hopefully it will give you an idea of the ride height. This is from when the car was brand new, I guess it will get slightly lower after a while.


    Oh and before I get you all started - I do plan to do something about the garage floor, haven't figured what yet...

    Re: X73

    I saw the info on X73 in the options list. And others seem to confirm it.

    Yeah I remember about the M030 not being available for cabs, and it's still not available on the targa as far as I know...

    Thanks for the compliment on choosing X74, I'm sure going to enjoy it . Winter is approaching awfuly fast though so there may not be too much Porsche driving left this year...


    So what is this?

    Which begs the question ... exactly what is this?

    Is this a fully adjustable suspension similar to what is on the GT3 and GT2? If so, then Euro 1700 is very cheap. If they've just lowered the suspension but without adjustability then ho-hum.


    Re: X73

    X73 is the sport suspension for the 996 Turbo and C4 S.
    Availability around beginning of 2003, retrofit highly possible.
    No X73 or X74 for the Cabs or Targa.
    Got this info today from somebody who knows pretty well.

    Re: X74 (Anders)

    Ride height X74...pretty similar to your car, Anders.

    Re: So what is this?

    From what I have read, the suspension is not adjustable.
    You will find an article describing this setup on the Porsche website.
    Go to the Christophorus page, then choose the magazine with the new yellow 996 cab on the cover (I think) it is pdf format, there is a full article on how they tuned the X74 suspension for the Carrera 2 and 4. I believe X73 is just the same but adapted to the widebodies.

    Oh boy...tough one

    Let's start it all over :

    X74 is the 30 mm (vs. stock) sport suspension for the 996 C2 and C4.
    It is not height adjustable.

    X73 is the 20 mm (vs. stock) sport suspension for the 996 Turbo and 996 C4 S.
    As far as I've been informed, it won't be height adjustable either.

    And last but not least: there is no X73/X74 available for the 996 Cabriolet and 996 Targa. Period.

    Not adjustable?

    Well if it is not adjustable then they can just go fly a kite. If they think that I'm going to pay them an extra Euro 1700 for a suspension of equal quality but lower height then they're dreaming (and greedy).

    Hummm maybe we should suggest to Porsche that they start offering their cars with a suspension delete option (similar to the way that they offer their cars with the "turbo" script delete at the back). At least then I won't need to have the garbage man cart away their mediocure suspension.

    I had been expecting this to be the GT2 suspension mounted on the Turbo.


    Re: Not adjustable?

    The GT2 suspension doesn't fit the Turbo without major mods (4WD vs. 2WD).

    You're wrong, Stephen...X73 is not just a lowered suspension.
    It uses different springs, different shocks, different swaybars, etc. and the setup is completely different as I've been assured. It is similar to the X74 setup which is much better than even the M030.

    Since the base C4S and TT are 10mm lower than C2 s , ...

    the C2 X74 -30mm susp and the TT/C4S X73 -20mm susp puts all the cars at the same static height I assume.

    Re: X74 (Anders)

    Looks exactly like mine (even the Michelins ) before I replaced the center caps...

    Re: Since the base C4S and TT are 10mm lower than C2 s , ...

    Yes, right.

    X74 worth the money???

    Think of it this way... if you but an X74 for the $1700 you saved $1000 over a coilover setup but do not have adjustability. What does the adjustability buy you... or what does it cost. Based on the article in Christophorus, Porsche probablu spent $50,000.00 doing adjustments and testing to get the perfect setup for the 996 c2. If you buy a standard coilover kit, you can't adjust dampening, you have to buy a $5000 kit to do that, and then what? Are you ready to spend weeks testing and adjusting to try to find the best setup? And once you've found it is it the best all around or only for that one track. You are paying $1700 not for the parts, but for your share of the research and development.



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