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    Some news on C4 S Cab.

    According to Auto Spies

    Our internal Porsche dealer spies are telling us that Porsche is quietly "suggesting" to sales managers, that they move out all existing inventory of C4 cabriolets, ASAP.

    Our prediction is you will see the C4S cabriolet no later than October, maybe sooner.

    Pure B.S. (personal feeling)
    We've also heard rumors that there will even be a C4S "Targa"!

    Re: Some news on C4 S Cab.

    Imagine a C4S Cab with tiptronic! Can you make it any heavier?

    Re: Some news on C4 S Cab.

    I think I agree with you Ron,
    Porsche is long at releasing novelties these days.
    Plus with the 997 showing up next year, I wonder if we'll ever see a wide body cab (turbo or C4S) to be honest.
    I'd like to though
    We'll see,

    I agree - why is a C4S cab a good thing?

    That would seem to be the least attractive model in the 996 lineup by far. Who wants that car and why? Definitely going to be the worst performing member of the lineup. Can't imagine that it will look that nice either...

    Re: I agree - why is a C4S cab a good thing?

    I think it'll look nice,
    You're right about the performances though.
    It'll be something like
    0 to 62 mph in 5.3 secs and a top speed of 275 kmh, that's 10 more only compared to the Boxster S
    PS: A Turbo cab however would be a nice alternative to a 360 Spider.

    Re: I agree - why is a C4S cab a good thing?

    I agree. Turbo Cab. makes more sense than C4 S, unless Porsche would throw in the X51 package as standard for C4 S.

    Re: Some news on C4 S Cab.


    Believe it. I spoke with a few Porsche NA marketing execs at the Atlanta International Auto Show and they confirmed that a C4S and Turbo 996 Cab will go into production. We (the USA) will get both. I was told September for the US release date. Price and equipment are still being finalized. One of the execs told me that the Turbo cab was created solely to compete with the AMG SL55. The C4S is made to battle the SL500.

    As for word on the new Boxster and the 997, the execs said that the Boxster is a stunner and is whole lot better put together, has a much better interior, and power will be increased a reasonable amount in comparison to the current Boxster. The 997 will be incredible (again the words of the execs). Direct Injection for S models (widebody), Turbo, C4, C2, Targa, and the Cab will be produced. Interior is much better and power has been increased to rival competition. That is about all I could ge them to admit too.

    Take this with a grain of salt though, this small amount of information was acquired through casual conversation with the marketing execs. Could be right? I do not know...

    pretty informative rludlow, thanks (NT)


    Re: Some news on C4 S Cab.

    I don't see how that C4S cab will be a better competitor to the SL500 than the C4C?
    Ok, I'm biased but these are two very different car, the SL is no sports car.
    Thanks for the info.
    PS: BTW, launching a cab just after the summer is really smart (Porsche is not the only one though)



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