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    Used 997 Prices Softening?

    Some time ago we discussed the merits of a used 997 compared to a new Cayman with the upshot that (in the UK at least) 997 prices were too strong. Anyway, I just had a gander at Autotrader and 997 Carreras are starting at Pounds50k now. And the S falls harder still - perhaps because it outsells the Carrera by about 3 to 1? For example:

    2004 PORSCHE 911 S 2dr [997] Carrera Coupe,
    28,000 miles, Porsche 911 (997 C2S), registered 15 October 2004 Manufacturers warranty remaining until October 2006. Plus extra years manufacturers warranty until oct 2007. Kept in underground garage since purchase. Tracker monitor fitted and subscription paid until 08/05/2007. Up-to-date with all Porsche recalls. 28000 miles, mostly motorway miles. Midnight blue metallic paint. 19" SportDesign alloy wheels, with colour central decal. Michelin ZR1 tyres, new set of four fitted on 13 April 2006. ParkAssist rear parking sensors. 6 speed manual transmission. Multi-function steering wheel. Climate control and heated front seats. SportChrono pack with PASM (Sport mode, changing suspension setup). Black leather interior and dashboard. Adaptive sports seats. PCM with satellite navigation and telephone module. Home mode lighting option. 4-disc CD changer in boot, 1 disc CD player in PCM, and 1 disc DVD player (used for sat-nav). Bose 13-speaker sound system (350 watt) with surround sound, audiopilot, and other features. Pounds55,000. ono

    In 6 months, I think things will be closer still and a 2 year old 997S would be very tempting over a new Cayman

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    You right, unless you are determined to buy brand new, then it makes sense to pick up a used 997s. Better performance, image (Maybe!), and definatly better residuals!!!!

    Well, my Boxy will be ready for trade in in around 6-12 months and my next porsche will most likely be a nice low mileage used 997s, with lots of toys!!!!

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    Still contemplating the idea of a 997 vs a 996 (both used). First 997s (S and non S) are appearing on my radar screen :-)

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    I have a 997 in the USA and a Cayman S in the UK.
    I am replacing the 997 with another Cayman S.

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    KenH said:
    I have a 997 in the USA and a Cayman S in the UK.
    I am replacing the 997 with another Cayman S.

    Could you please elaborate on that decision?

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    It is quite simple, I prefer the Cayman S to the 997.
    I have had many 911s (but never a Boxster) and I found the Cayman to be a revelation in handling terms.
    Both have sufficient power for my purposes so that is not a factor.
    I never used the rear seats of any 911 but I find the Cayman's hatchback and rear luggage space surprisingly useful.
    The extra cost of a Cayman over a Boxster is not a factor either as I would never buy a soft-top car anyway.
    Although I always considered myself a "911 person" (my first was in the early '80s) the Cayman has converted me.
    If I had a 997 and a Cayman side by side in my garage the 997 would be little used.

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting point of view. Still facing the dilemna. :-)

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    "Thanks for sharing. Interesting point of view. Still facing the dilemna. :-)"

    And we are all different...

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    "I have had many 911s (but never a Boxster) and I found the Cayman to be a revelation in handling terms."

    Yes, the 911 seems to have these advantages over the Cayman S:

    1) power (more HP/torque).
    2) rear seats. Not sure if this is an advantage.
    3) image

    The Cayman S has this advantage:

    1) handling

    Pick what's important to you and take your pick.

    Re: Used 997 Prices Softening?

    Mmmmmm a 997S for the price of a new Cayman or 9964S!! I know what I would go for.

    .....the 997S everytime.



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