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    Local dealer visit

    So on my way to look at land yesterday I spot an orange Challenger RT in front of me and follow him down a side street. Great looking car. Well he pulls off and I continue down this road and as I pass this building I have seen once before I notice cars out front.

    A 360 challenge with decals and lowered parked at the front door. So I pull in and discover its an independent exotic car dealer. You would never know it because it is atypical of a car dealership, a classy brick and smoked glass with no lettering outside. These guys are also the local authorized LAMBO dealers and have another location in the city for that dealership.

    A lot of exotic car locations in this city more than most. 

    The inside is unique also, one big room serving as showroom and 1 lift garage on a dark tiled floor. Nice.

    They had a nice collection in this little space - 328, 348, (3) 355's, (3) 360's, 430 spyder, gallardo, Testarossa, and a 288 GTO.

    The 288GTO had its engine with suspension and wheels attached separated from the car and on a stand. Small little turbo's.

    A very rare sight was the 360 coupe with the factory sunroof!

    The best looking car in there, imo. was the black 348 coupe. I always thought the 355 had it over the 348 slightly but seeing them all together....

    THE black 348 wins as best looking fcar 8 model. (no camera at the time, but its only a couple of miles from my apartment)

    Re: Local dealer visit

     Should have bought hit. Never live a life with regrets.



    Re: Local dealer visit

    +1 Smiley

    Get it, Tom.


    2005 997S Blk/Blk

    Re: Local dealer visit

    Nick, that is the philosophy of a very wealthy guy, but even then life always has regrets.

    As for cars, I appreciate a lot of them but as you know I have the one I want.

    Plus after I build my house which is prority #1, I will be upgrading my 928 with this and that which will keep me busy.

    Here is a pic from a few years ago with a friends black 348. That did not make me bias in calling yesterdays 348 the best of the bunch though.

    The 348 in black, (color) makes a big difference, just has beautiful lines - low, wide, curves and TR grates.

    Alan, the only hobby cars i have any desire to add to my 928 would be AM one-77, cgt, challenger to collect and maybe a new camaro SS when i see it.

    But look at MY 928's lines in the background, timeless just like the 348.


    Re: Local dealer visit

     Tom, you can only have regrets is if your in a position to do something about it.

    I meant every word. Never live a life with regrets.



    Re: Local dealer visit

    So last night i was out at a nice shopping venue in town and as i was walking thru the parking lot I notice this bright red 355 with shields parked by itself. Beautiful sitting there. It made me smile. I didn't want to own it, just admiring a beautiful work of art. 

    That's the essence of a good exotic car. (not all have that)

    Then a half hour later I saw a stunningly beautiful girl, that made me smile too.

    Re: Local dealer visit

    I feel the same way seeing a Scuderia in person as you do with the 355. Smiley

    Well, actually, I also want to own one.


    2005 997S Blk/Blk

    Re: Local dealer visit

     Ahh the ironies of life Alan.

    What made the 355 stand out besides the day-glo red was it's LOWNESS. Low and Wide is what defines exotic. Add in great curves or distinctive style elements and that is what makes a timeless exotic, a classic.

    The 360/430 are big cars. In the showroom a 360 was parked right next to the TR. The 360 was much taller especially the nose, probably the european pedestrain law BS.

    Here is the irony - 430/scud have awesome interiors and performance but exterior so-so. The 348/355 have the low awesome timeless bodies, but crap interiors (relatively) and not as good performance.

    The ultimate 8 cyl Fcar would be - 348 exterior, 430 interior, scud engine.

    The best looking Ferrari to see driving on a classy city road - a mint waxed 512TR in black from behind so low and sooo wide!

    Thats why i am so happy with the 928. Low wide sleek with the best interior ever designed and my sound. The nose of a 928 is knee level. 


    Re: Local dealer visit

    here is a nice shot of the 348, ferraris best LOOKING line-up 512TR and 348


    Re: Local dealer visit

    The 348 is a fantastic looking car, and a classic Ferrari.

    "If you have the means, I highly recommend you pick one up."

    - Ferris Bueller

    Re: Local dealer visit

    Never owned a Ferrari - but according to a lot of magazines the pre 360 models are a nightmare in terms

    of running costs....something always breaks....



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