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    Break in ... 987

    I know theres a thread on the 997 board about break in, but I wanted a special 987 one so there dont argue ok!

    Anyway, the dealer told me today to keep it under 5k rpms for 500 miles then do what you want??? So whats the deal then, lots of diff messages..

    So far ive heard 1500, 500, nothing etc etc.. whats the real deal with this then????

    Also, my baby sure has smealt funny today. After each drive, ive stopped, turned of the engine and had the pleasure of a burning smell.... nosmoke, no overheat reported... Anything to worry about or just a young enine breaking in?? (only had 14 miles when I picked her up!)

    Re: Break in ... 987

    hmmm.... I hope the smell is good. Don't know though. For the break in, you should ignore your dealer, and just read the owners' manual , I am sure it is in there. I read it somewhere, but I cant seem to memorize the figures
    Good luck with your car dude, I'm sure you deserve it...

    Re: Break in ... 987

    I was a little confused too on this one - basically the manual says take it easy for the first 3000km (~1800 miles) but no specifics. Have set myself a rev limit of 4500 (ish!) for the first 1000 as I think that was it was for the 987 I had - but basically vary the load on the engine...

    Re: Break in ... 987

    Yes that smell is very common!!!, I also like it!!! .
    What we've been doing its not exceed of 4.500rpm in the first 2.000kms...But well there is always present those engine revs, seconds after the ignition,,COLD START, that is the real sound,,after some revs of only 2.500rpm to 3.500rpm, when standstill and cold start, then do not pass of 4.500rpm for the first 2.000kms(Well pass it when the engine is warm, only some times though) ..Our 997S has now 3.000+-kms and is a beast!!........

    Re: Break in ... 987

    Yeah I'm going to do 1000 as well... Sounds about right, and actually keeping under 5k in London is pretty easy and its not exactly slow like this!!!!

    Glad the smell is common

    Re: Break in ... 987

    In the city it is easy to keep it under 4200 RPM. On the highway its a different story and you have to vary the RPM constantly. It must be pretty annoying for someone following you as you speed up and slow down constantly, but who cares, you are breaking-in your new Porsche.

    Re: Break in ... 987

    Directly from the 987 Manual:

    Break in hints for the first
    2,000 miles/3,000 kilometers
    The following tips will be helpful in obtaining optimum
    performance from your new Porsche.
    Despite the most modern, high-precision manufacturing
    methods, it cannot be completely avoided
    that the moving parts have to wear in with each
    other. This wearing-in occurs mainly in the first
    2,000 miles/3,000 km.
    f Preferably take longer trips.
    f Avoid frequent cold starts with short-distance
    driving whenever possible.
    f Avoid full throttle starts and abrupt stops.
    f Do not exceed maximum engine speed of
    4,200 rpm (revolutions per minute).
    f Do not run a cold engine at high rpm either in
    Neutral or in gear.
    f Do not let the engine labor, especially when driving
    uphill. Shift to the next lower gear in time
    (use the most favorable rpm range).
    f Never lug the engine in high gear at low
    speeds. This rule applies at all times, not just
    during the break-in period.
    f Do not participate in motor racing events,
    sports driving schools, etc. during the first
    2,000 miles/3,000 kilometers.
    There may be a slight stiffness in the steering,
    gear-shifting or other controls during the break-in
    period which will gradually disappear.

    Re: Break in ... 987

    the smell is probably the cosmoline breaking down

    its a synthetic wax used to protect the undercarriage from corrosion during sea shipping



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