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    Can't use high pressure hose and polish on car if it has 3M?

    Hi guys,

    I was visiting the website for the 3M paint protection. It says:

    so what about the parts of the car that aren't covered in that stuff...? some say you just work your way around it, what happens if you accidentally polish over the area, will you need to get it redone?

    *pokes STRADALE* you have it on 2 of your cars, what are your opinions?

    Re: Can't use high pressure hose and polish on car if it has

    First off, I assume you are talking about 3M clear bra material.

    If you use a high pressure hose, depending on how high the pressure, the stream can get under the edge and lift some of the material off the paint. A little bit of pressure coming out of your hose at home is probably okay, just don't use a lot of it.

    They don't want you to use a polish that could dull the material or abrade it too much. Polishes could be defined as paint enhancing or defect removing liquids with abrasives in them. So if you want to polish it, maybe you could use something formulated for plastic or use a light chemical cleaner/polish. Wax as usual with something non-abrasive.

    3M tries to protect its customers from themselves, so just use some common sense. If you are worried about it, be conservative about what you use on the 3M material.

    - J

    PS: I'd rather have a few rockchips on the front than an ugly looking clear bra on the nose of the car. Unfortunately my front wheels kick up stones that hit the rocker panel in front of the rear wheels like crazy, and the 3M material has been great for that area.

    Re: Can't use high pressure hose and polish on car if it has

    This is a tough decision, I don't have time to wash the cars myself much anymore, so i always send them to get washed, it's a handwashed place(no chance in hell i'll send it through a machine!) and they use high pressure hoses

    Re: Can't use high pressure hose and polish on car if it has

    Perhaps you can find out if they can dial back the pressure a bit, or take the pressure nozzle's off the hose. It depends what kind of pressure their hoses are putting out. Something to discuss with the wash people.

    - J

    Re: Can't use high pressure hose and polish on car if it has

    right, k thanks for all your input justin!



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