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    Aston Roadster at the speed of sound

    Just like Top Gear did with the F430 Spider, 4Car has taken a Vantage Roadster through the worlds longest tunnel, located here in Norway:

    What do you get when you combine the world's longest tunnel and an Aston Martin V8 Vantage? Not a silent night, that's for sure.

    Re: Aston Roadster at the speed of sound

    We've come to Laerdal, which at 15.2 miles is the world's longest road tunnel. Its proper purpose is to enable you to drive between Norway's two largest cities, Bergen and Oslo, without having to spend hours on a ferry or negotiating hazardous mountain passes. The overall route is also recognised as one of the world's great drives, through jaw-dropping scenery. Laerdal is the icing on the cake, and in a V8 Vantage Roadster promises to be amazing with the roof down and the revs climbing past 4,000, when the killjoy exhaust valves open up, liberating one of the world's greatest sounds.

    Re: Aston Roadster at the speed of sound

    There's a lot of wind noise but while the revs are high there's nothing drowning out the heavenly hard-edged sound of the Aston at full throttle. There's simply nowhere for the sound to go, except be bounced off the cold, hard, enveloping rock surfaces and back into my eardrums.

    Approaching the first of the blue caverns, I'm doing 120mph. Closer, closer, closer and bam! I'm roaring through without lifting off the throttle, enjoying a sound that, were I able to bottle it, would mean I could afford my very own Aston Martin. I want to do it again. And again. And again.

    Re: Aston Roadster at the speed of sound

    Obviously the roadtesters have not heard of fuse 22.

    Re: Aston Roadster at the speed of sound

    My old boss just bought one of these in light metallic blue, and it looks fantastic! I saw it yesterday, next to his SL55, and his Z8. Not a bad garage if you ask me!

    Re: Aston Roadster at the speed of sound

    Convertible fan eh?

    Re: Aston Roadster at the speed of sound

    Not just that, but all of them are shades of blue! (The SL55 and Z8 are dark, the Aston is light)



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