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    Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    When you trade your 997/S for a new Porsche what do you expect to get for it?


    Kelley Blue Book?

    Do you have to haggle or are the dealers generally fair?

    Thanks for your help!!!!

    Re: Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    KBB is inflated,dealers will generally offer you 5-10% less.

    I believe they go by NADA, if the car is marketable they will sell it themselves, which leaves them a little more margin for negotiation. Otherwise they go for auction, Manheim numbers and see similar cars.

    I find that most dealers will be fairly reasonable when you are trading towards a new car.

    However, they either screw you on the trade in, or screw you on the discount, no way to maximize both and come out ahead, no matter how well you know the dealer.

    Finally, if you are ready to close a deal, you can probably squeeze out 500-1000$ more discount/trade in credit out of the dealer by using my favourite line "if its ok we will sign all the papers today" - this should be done over the phone, I feel that the walk out and hope for a callback technique is just a waste of everyone's time.

    Don't let 1000-2000$ dollars break off a deal for the car that you want.

    Re: Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    Need more context....valuation of used cars is a highly imprecise art (to put it charitably )....

    P's (and any other brand, ex-F) have generally awful trade-in value anyway....the various published used car values are about as laughably accurate as JDPowers surveys for statistical/real-world relevance....resale values of cars (even premiums over MSRP commanded by hot cars like 599) are rather lumpy, dpdg upon finding "greater fool" to pay whatever price for a used, discretionary car; seasonality; state of local economy, etc etc

    Also depends upon one's relationship w/dealer (a profitable cust who buys/trades-in many cars freq at a dealer prob gets different pricing than a one-off cust)....but would assume poor value, esp if one is in a non-competitive urban region and has lim relationship w/dealer....

    I tend to both lease and trade-in prob 4-6 different P/F/AMG every yr at my usual dealers; have excellent relationships w/exemplary dealers; and am always amused by how unpredictably good/poor trade-in values can be, based upon a myriad of factors (F's have 100% trade-in value, but P/AMG can be rather variable).....

    Re: Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    Why even bother? You should have no difficulty selling a 911 yourself. Everybody wants one.

    Re: Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    The Porsche dealers in this neck of the woods tend to talk about the auction value....well below NADA. If you are trading, try to get retail for retail. Generally, you can get the most for your car by selling out right through private sale. However, I think I would be at a disadvantage trying to sell a $70-80-90K car out of my driveway.

    I had an 05 Box-S which stickered for 66. Last December, the dealer magnanimously offer 40 against his C2S Cab. I laughed and walked. That afternoon I found my present car and got a much better deal. The original dealer called 2 days later asking "where we were". He was flabbergasted when I told him.

    Sorry to wax on. Generally the only people who pay NADA retail are the insurance companies when they handle your total loss.

    Re: Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    Here in the Northeast, the dealers use the Galves price guide. you can learn about it at

    Re: Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    You may also consider that trading to a dealer at a loss of 2-3k may save you the headache of having a dozen tirekickers come to your home/office.

    But there are some reliable forums for selling a used P-car, rennlist is great, and one thing 6speed IS good at is their marketplace section

    Re: Trade In Values At Porsche Dealers

    Sold my 997S through Autotrader. Its value was a bit of a wake up but still the first and only guy to see the car bought it.



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