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    BOXSTER 987 - the first contact...

    Hi guys, this is my first posting on this board, but I've observed the processing around the 987 on this board for a long time. First of all, a few words in person.
    I'm crazy for Porsche since I was a child. I bought my 1st one (a used Boxster 2.5) in 05/98. My 2nd porsche, (a brand-new 996 carrera-coupe) I've got in 03/00 (...all-time-high on current baby is a 02Boxster 2.7 in arctic-silver-met.Last time, of course, Ì was very interested in the 05 model.Nearly every day, I'm checking around for new articles, news, infos in www or different mags.Today my porsche-dealer gave me a call-the new babies are there.I rushed to him to take a first look on "my future-plaything". But what happened???I've overlooked the NEW boxster (S model, gt-met, 19",...) right in front of me.Where's the new one???At first look, the new boxster looks like the old one (especially the rear-part looks like the 96-modell)...but only at the first look.After a couple of minutes, I discovered more and more and more and more advantages and visual highlights. At the 2nd look it's a really beauty. The body has muscles at the right spots.Especially form the driver-seat you have a bombastic view on the spectacular front- fenders/wings. Inside the baby - highclass quality and design.The interior-door-design (the inside-door-grips and the door-boxes) looks a little boring and in my opinion a little too straight. But...STUFF IT...It's a great car and a grown-up-porsche and next week I'll make my signature under a contract.
    My new baby:
    Boxster 987
    arctic-silver-met. (I like it classicly)
    19" Carrera S
    leather sportseats
    Bose-Surround-Sound-System + wind-stop
    Distance-parts for the rear-wheels
    and maybe some alu-interior-parts.
    But I have a problem-My current boxster (arctic-silv. / interior graffiti-grey) has a roof-top in metropol-blue. It looks very hot. But graffiti-grey is not available for the 987. I think the new colour stone-grey for interior does not harmonize with the blue roof-top - what's your opinion?
    TXS for reply - and you all can be all on edge for your new babes. TAKE CARE NOW! RSVP,CU

    Re: BOXSTER 987 - the first contact...

    Stone grey is way darker than graffity grey. And I personally don't think it would match with a metropole blue roof-top.

    The 986 had the option of Graffity-grey softop , I don't have a clue wheather the 987 has that option too but I don't think so. I think that would be a great combo as well.

    Other than that, do you have pics of your current and former Porsches ??

    Re: BOXSTER 987 - the first contact...


    Re: BOXSTER 987 - the first contact...

    ...nice words...are you a poet???...
    Here we go...a pic of my current baby--sorry for the quality...I'll add some more pics..CU

    Re: BOXSTER 987 - the first contact...

    Guys, it would really help us all if you would ALWAYS mention your LOCATION in your profile. The country would suffice. Why? Because we're talking about prices, options, performance figures, etc. and it might be easier for us moderators and also for the Users to understand certain differences in opinions, claims, etc. Thanks.

    Re: BOXSTER 987 - the first contact...

    sorry, I've done already...



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