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    Lotus Exos T125 revealed


    The GGLC was proud to attend the world premier of the new Lotus Exos Type 125 at the Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion today. The Lotus T125 is an F1 inspired track only car that uses Formula technology and a Cosworth V8 to provide stunning performance for the ultimate track day toy.

    The first things that strikes you when you walk in is how much it looks like a current generation F1 car. The chassis is a carbon fiber monocoque both the wide front wing and the narrow rear wings of the 2009-spec F1 cars. It also has the coke bottle shape, top exit exhaust and shark fin engine covers that have been in vogue. Other technical similarities include carbon ceramic brakes and a carbon fiber pushrod suspension.

    The F1 technology continues inside the cockpit there the car uses paddle shifters to control the semi automatic gearbox as well as a multi function screen on the steering wheel that allows drivers to set the various parameters on the fly.


    The engine is a Cosworth GPV8 that has been detuned to produce 650 bhp with a 10,300 rpm redline (10,800 push to pass). Weighing just 650kg the car will have a power to weight ratio just shy of 1000 bhp per ton and should be faster than anything short of a recent Formula 1 car. However unlike an F1 car this engine is designed to run 4500 km between rebuilds and has a starter motor so that you don’t need a support crew to be able to run the car at the track.

    Lotus plans to make just 25 Exos next year and will be pricing then at one million dollars apiece. Apart from the car itself, the Exos program will also include 5 “driver events” at various race tracks that will allow the owners to slowly come up to speed with the performance of their new car by getting instruction and advice from a variety of current and past Lotus drivers (a little birdy tells us that Mika Häkkinen and Jarno Trulli will be involved).

    For more on the Exos please watch this video of Stephen Wright from Lotus Motorsports explaining the philosphy behind the Exos.


    You can also see the rest of our Exos pictures here :


    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed



    Lotus are the first and only manufacturer to offer such a product, this car is simply amazing!!

    The Exos is a 640hp car with unique tub and construction for accommodation similar to the Evora, it can fit drivers from 4'8" to 6'4" and all in between.

    The car will be aligned with a totally unique and exclusive lifestyle package that you would only be able to find in the edges of the EXOSphere*.
    *The exosphere is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere. In the exosphere, an upward travelling molecule can escape to space if it is moving fast enough to attain escape velocity; otherwise it will be pulled back to the celestial body by gravity. In either case, such a molecule is unlikely to collide with another molecule due to the exosphere's low density.


    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

     this is going to make some track drivers very very happy, I'm just wondering how they plan on mantaining and running these for the costumers since performance at the levels this car represents are not for everyone, you can't just hop in and drive off. 

    tha aside the car itself looks amazing, after all the hype about how ugly new F1 cars were I'm starting to like the newer clean design a lot, on this one too. 

    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

    So basically a detuned and simplified F1 car. Why not buy an actual five year old F1 race car instead then?  It will also have one of those glorious 1000 hp V10s...


    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

    This is a great idea from Lotus. Ferrari must be pissed.

    Enmanuel this is a detuned simplified F1 car, so it will be reliable just like other track cars. Engine is expected to last 4500kms and of course everything will cost the owner if he is to track it additional outside of Lotus EXOS events. But it must be just a great feeling being taken care of. There's ENOUGH wealthy who can spend a mil for this lifetime experience! 

    I think it is great Lotus marketing, it is serious yet realistic and supported!! 


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

    Cheezus F'ing christ.



    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

    Yeah man, same here.

    Love it!


    Slow In, Fast Out

    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

    The New Lotus 125 and the "Exos Experience by Lotus" – an Elite Club

    Lotus 125

    The Lotus 125 is an exclusive ultra high performance F1™ inspired race-car complete with Cosworth 3.5 litre GP V8 engine producing 640bhp linked to a sixspeed semi automatic gearbox with paddle shift.

    A bespoke carbon composite with nomex and aluminium core chassis with carbon composite panels contribute to a superlight weight of just 560kg resulting in a phenomenal power to weight ratio of nearly 1000 hp per tonne.

    Unlike a Formula One car however, an army of technicians and mechanics is not required to start the engine and keep the car running. The start button is all the driver needs to press to get going.

    Purchasers of the Lotus 125 will be able to chose from a stylization of a classic Lotus livery, the Exos (explained below) concept design, or as an option, request their own, bespoke livery.

    The Exos* Experience by Lotus

    The Exos Experience, initiated and operated by Lotus Motorsport, is an elite club. A club in which the limited number of Lotus 125 owner drivers can refine their driving skills and challenge themselves in Formula 1™ inspired technology combined with expert one-to-one advice from former Grand Prix drivers and trainers.

    The 'Exos Experience by Lotus' is a new concept for these most exclusive owners and members to improve their race craft and engineering prowess, learn how to setup a car working with a race engineer, focus on mental and physical fitness and enjoy a driving experience quite literally out-of-this-world. A team of engineers, aerodynamicists, tire specialists and experts from every field have the specific aim of delivering the optimum performance vehicle. But it is not just the performance of the vehicle which will be optimised, the driver will be brought up to high level through an F1 level fitness programme including nutrition, strength and fitness training and through driver training from former Lotus F1 drivers to raise the customers' skill levels to F1 standard.

    A member of the Exos Experience will be offered an elite concierge service for track based activity including assisting with travel arrangements and transfers to the track enabling the owner to begin their experience as smoothly as possible. The dedicated Lotus Exos concierge will act as a central point of contact for all arrangements and communications covering all official documentation and special requests.

    Just as Formula 1™ drivers must prove themselves from week-to-week on Grand Prix tracks around the world, the 'Exos Experience by Lotus' will be held at European circuits with first class facilities, like the famous Paul Ricard Circuit in the south of France, and the Autódromo do Algarve, Portimao in Portugal. Owners will learn to drive in conditions similar to the most demanding race proven circuits in motorsport. With Lotus' sophisticated data-gathering systems they'll also be able to compare lap time terms with past and present heroes of the sport and debate braking distances - with braking zones of less than 100m, one of the difficult aspects to master - and overlay racing lines, entry and exit speeds and terminal velocity.

    Each event will be structured to enable the driver to hone their skills allowing them to develop as a more complete driver and experience a near facsimile of a Grand Prix weekend. They will be advised on all aspects of car and driver performance to ensure that they benefit fully from the ownership of a Lotus 125. Lotus' team of driver coaches, technicians and physiotherapists will be at their service throughout the event: helping to improve race-craft, technical understanding and preparation for the physical strains of driving. The 'Exos Experience by Lotus', will provide a unique opportunity to extend driving skills in a safe but challenging atmosphere.

    * Exos = Exosphere - a reference to the earth's outer atmosphere - the exosphere - where space begins and G-forces lessen where atoms are on ballistic trajectories and the lightest gases including atomic oxygen reside.


    The ultimate challenge set by the Exos Experience is to enter an atmosphere shaped by the world of Formula 1™, a place of meticulous attention to detail and precision combined with the upmost efficiency and quality. The experience will immerse the driver in automotive performance and engineering exactitude. They will be surrounded by a team of Lotus experts, each driven in their field, each respected for their ability to make the car/driver package as close to perfection as possible.



    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

    Man, how I wish I had the cash to do this! Even if one was ever to convince their other half to spend a mil on the car, then there is the maintenance cost and cost of transporting the car to Lotus'events etc. Count on another 200k a year just to run the car.

    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

     one more from Pebble Beach


    Re: Lotus Exos T125 revealed

    Man, how I wish I had the cash to do this! Even if one was ever to convince their other half to spend a mil on the car, then there is the maintenance cost and cost of transporting the car to Lotus'events etc. Count on another 200k a year just to run the car.

    +1 ... I wished, too! What an amazing chance entering the F1 alike class yourself!



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