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    Re: PSE ISSUE !!! This can be serious

    i'm driving disconected (electrical) about 6 month..and 4000 km. no issue here.

    Re: PSE ISSUE !!! This can be serious

    Quized my OPC on this topic and if there was a way to switch it without having it go quiet between 25-50MPH and they replied "Not without affecting the warranty". They did observe however, that by a bit of clever throttle use, you could effectively get it loud all the time, as follows.

    Switch it to loud (obviously!). Accelerate hard to the point just before the noise cut-off, at this point feather the throttle slightly, this has the effect of reducing the inlet vacuum to almost nothing. When the DME then switches to quiet mode, there is no vacuum to operate the exhaust flap and so it doesn't go quiet. When you pass 50MPH, a few seconds later, back on the throttle to enjoy the full aural benefit...

    Not sure if this works or not, as mine isn't being delivered until 1st May!! Can anyone confirm or deny??

    Re: PSE ISSUE !!! This can be serious


    The problem can arise differently and at different times according to :

    1) Driving Conditions(Long vs Short trips)
    2) Driving Style (high or low rev driving)
    3)Driving Speed (High way speeds vs town speeds)
    4)Weather issues (Extreme vs normal temperatures)

    Me personally i ve done many 1 hour high speed trips
    And my driving style includes most of the times high reving

    Just some additional info...

    Re: PSE ISSUE !!! This can be serious

    yes Goose i can confirm, i searched this issue through different pedal imputs long time ago and came to same conclusions

    1) Indeed its depends on pedal input

    2) it is highly connected to the nature of the road

    a)on incline road the PSE can have the cut-off earlier than normal and last later than normal

    b)on decline road the PSE can have the cut-off later than normal and last less than normal

    3) It depends on the load of the car (1,2,3,4 persons)
    and heavy load or not.

    I ve done some trips with 3 and 4 persons without the mod
    and indeed the PSE cut-off has a bigger ranger when its quiter...


    ITS IS HIGHLY connected with the car load thus exhaust pressure...

    From discussion with the dealer's mechanics it arised that:

    With the PSE mod the PSE works in full range and the damage is mainly generated when the PSE "works" between the cut-off speeds

    This over pressures the PSE mufflers and causes the flaps to be damaged..


    Whatever it might the cause be, we should not blame the people who suggested the modification on PSE(i.e RC) because it was a suggestion that he made ALSO to his car, and the truth is that everybody who did this mod did it on his response and on his own risk.



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