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    New Bentley GT pics

    dear all,

    the official website has published some new pictures and sketches of the upcoming GT. please find them attached.

    IMHO it's not that bad, i like the rear view. but i do not have any understanding for the "triangles" in the side windows, they should be fully lowerable


    OOPS, here are the pics...

    here we go...

    Re: OOPS, here are the pics...

    Thanks for sharing the info.
    Interesting design. Highly interesting power output.
    Something known about a possible price tag?

    Re: OOPS, here are the pics...

    there's no price info on the site, but i've heard rumours that the price tag will be slightly above 996TT or AMG CL/SL55, around EUR 140,000

    140000 EUR would be interesting

    But I'm not sure Bentley will be THAT "cheap".

    Re: 140000 EUR would be interesting

    IMHO they have to be that "cheap"... the target audience for this car can't be the ultra-rich bentley boy who needs another car -- it's the tiptronic turbo driver, the CL 600 or the DB7 owner.

    and technically it's a VW phaeton where they put a turbocharger onto their W12 and some more wood and (hopefully) aluminium into the cabin. so the financial controlling dept. should be happy as well

    from evo magazine...

    (from, july 5th)

    Five hundred and fifty bhp, 738lb ft, 190mph. These are the numbers which will define Bentley's GT Coupe - which may be called Continental - when it goes on sale in October 2003. Amazing as the figures are, the real killer number will be the price - around Pounds110,000. A lot of money in most people's book, certainly, but rather good value in the context of the competition. Aston Martin's 460bhp Vanquish is Pounds160,000 and Ferrari's 442bhp 456GT costs Pounds170,000. The Bentley will be more practical and faster than either of them.

    A twin-turbo W12 will fire the new coupe to 60 in under five seconds, helped by a four-wheel-drive system borrowed from the VW Phaeton and the forthcoming second- generation Audi A8, both of which are based on the same platform. The system - which splits power 50:50 in normal conditions - has been tuned to give the Bentley a more neutral handling bias than in all-wheel-drive VWs to date.

    Extensive development testing on demanding roads and repeated visits to the Nürburgring have paid dividends, according to Bentley chassis engineers. Quelling understeer has been the main goal - not an easy task considering the mighty engine and 2000kg kerb weight - and Bentley claims to be delighted with the results achieved so far. Final chassis settings are still being tweaked and, with production some way off, engineers are happy to keep working until the car is as close to perfect as they can possibly make it.

    It's the huge torque that is likely to dominate the Bentley experience. With an almost unbelievable target of 1000Nm (738lb ft), the GT Coupe could probably get by with one long gear. In fact Bentley is developing a six-speed auto, complete with Tiptronic-style shift operated by steering wheel-mounted paddles, that can deal with the awesome pulling power.

    Bentley design director Dirk van Braeckel has obviously taken inspiration from Bentleys of old, but the GT Coupe avoids tacky retro styling themes and carves out a bold new direction for the company. So far reaction to the car has been mixed - which could explain the decision to release official pictures so long before it goes on sale - but Bentley is confident that it can sell 5000 GTs a year.



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