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    Considering a 360

    I've always wanted a F-car for weekend driving, but never found something with the right price and condition.

    Lately, I stumbled upon two 2003 F1 360, each with 17,000 km and await a major belt service.

    Modena: Yellow/black, excellent (like-new) condition

    Spider: Corsa/Tan, mint condition.

    I have to pay 28% over the asking price of Modena to get the Spider.

    1. Is the Spider really worth it in a sunny, hot, humid and dusty climate?

    2. Will the Spider be more prone to roof problems and attract dirt/dust and just look terrible after a few years.

    I plan to keep and baby the 360 for a long time.


    Re: Considering a 360

    Coupe will drive better (lighter and stiffer) and you won't miss the open-top in your neighborhood...

    Re: Considering a 360

    I know many do the opposite but I like my weekend car to be the coupe and my everyday sport car to be the convertible. With Ferrari's 360/430's the coupe is a much better looking car, the roofline is perhaps the sweetest part of the car's entire styling. As a car used on the weekends or here and there on nice days I want it to have the best styling possible and the best driving experience in terms of rigidity etc. For my everyday car I want it to be able to do everything! Owning a convertible that you use everyday means (for me) that I can have the top down much, much more than if I was only driving a few thousand miles a year. If I'm driving 10-12k a year the convertible really gets its full use. So imo I'd get the better looking car the one you plan to use for "weekend driving" , the coupe.

    But if it's your only sports car then I'd re-consider the Spider more. Geez hope that wasn't confusing. Good luck!

    Re: Considering a 360

    I would consider the coupe over the spider; 1st the lines of the coupe IMO are much more appealing, with the possibility of viewing the engine... Second, in Saudi Arabia you won't be able to enjoy the spider as it should be, the weather out there won't help that much...

    * Yellow / Black / Coupe IS A KILLER !!!

    Good luck !

    Re: Considering a 360

    I know the owner of the yellow one. I own the excat same car!

    The red one was sold 5month ago and now it's available for sale again. Now the biggest problem you'll be facing in Jeddah is dealing with Fast Motors. They will rip u off blind!!

    Re: Considering a 360


    Would you recommend the yellow one?

    Here are some pics

    Re: Considering a 360


    Re: Considering a 360


    Re: Considering a 360


    Re: Considering a 360

    Love the Carbon racing seats!

    Re: Considering a 360

    I love that color combo

    Re: Considering a 360

    Patriek said:
    I love that color combo

    Giallo modena works extremely well on a Modena!

    Re: Considering a 360

    Here's the spider

    Re: Considering a 360


    Re: Considering a 360


    Re: Considering a 360

    I have a 360spider and my father has just bought one F360 coupe, I prefer 100x a spider than a coupe. I never had problems with the convertible top, and FOR ME the F360's and the F430's SPIDER are one of the most beautfull car in the world.

    Re: Considering a 360

    Me and my friends in a wonderfull saturday trip last year.

    Re: Considering a 360

    its dated 2005, but it was taken in april 2006.



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