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    Factory collection

    I am collecting my car from the factory in March and plan to spend 5 days driving in Europe. Does anyone have senic routes or Hotel recommendations ( with safe parking ) preferable towards France and Epernay in particular.

    Re: Factory collection

    I'd contact the factory and their European pick up division. It's well staffed and I'm sure they could suggest a route for you. I was there a month ago for tour etc. Some of the best driving was in France, far less crowded than Germany. I did get a ticket though They were using a radar detector. I understand Eric Clapton got one the same week and they took his car and license for exceeding 50 KPH over the 130 KPH limit. I was in a Peugeot. Here's a little p-shopped finger pic of the incident

    Re: Factory collection

    Desire Schaetzel--owner
    41 Rue Monseigneur Barth
    67530 Boersch, Alsace

    Re: Factory collection

    Forgot to mention that it's on the route de vin. They make my favorite Tokay Pinot Gris and have a 400- or 500-year old hotel. It's awesome. I use to drive there all the time from Stuttgart-Botnang.

    Re: Factory collection

    lawrence said:
    I am collecting my car from the factory in March....

    The factory delivery option (#900) is one of the few on Porsche's configurator page that still does not list a price. Can you tell us what it costs?

    Factory delivery option price $2250

    $2250.00. I pick mine up December 6th.

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    $2250? Other European brands used to pay you to pick up the car there !?

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    Lawrence, you really got my thinking about the good old days/daze...."Misty water-colored memories...." Um, that was over the top. Yeah. Anyway, I'd recommend a stop in Molsheim, France--Bugatti factory. I can't remember the name of the hotel there, but they have a great swimming pool and lots of free parking. Head toward the town center from the main highway; the hotel is on the left about 2-3 kms after the railroad tracks (can't miss it).

    Umm, you're gonna have a lot of fun on the Autobahn stretch between Stuttgart and Pforzheim--lots of steep dives and rocketing up little mountains, including punching threw clouds/fog this time of the year.

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    Holminator said:
    Umm, you're gonna have a lot of fun on the Autobahn stretch between Stuttgart and Pforzheim--lots of steep dives and rocketing up little mountains, including punching threw clouds/fog this time of the year.

    I'm sure he'll enjoy that part of the Autobahn, especially since there is a 120 kph speed limit in effect most of the length of it. When have you been the last time in Germany?
    Caution: german police doesn't care if you're an American tourist with customs license plate. If they catch you (and they have those really ordinary looking video trap cars), you'll pay a lot of money and if you do 200 in a 120 zone, you might say good-bye to your Europe trip. In Bavaria and some other german states, police has even the right to confiscate the car to reduce the risk to the public traffic. Caution!

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    RC's right. Can't say that I followed the speed limit on that part of the road, but man oh man it sucks on the weekdays with all those trucks. Weekend is the best time to break the law. To live in fear is not to live at all.

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    I'm sure he'll enjoy that part of the Autobahn, especially since there's a 120 kph speed limit in effect most of the length of it.... When's the last time you were in Germany? In Bavaria and some other german states, police even have the right to confiscate your car.

    RC, seems I'm not alone in planning on a factory delivery in the coming months, then enjoying the speed-limit-free portions of Germany's Autobahns. My trip will probably include, after the Stuttgart delivery, Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich as the major cities over about two weeks. Can you recommend specific Autobahn routes either to take, because of their empty roads and no speed limit, or, alternativley, specific Autobahns to avoid for any reasonable Porsche reason? I know there are speed limits on Austria's autobahns.

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    We don't have a general speed limit on the german Autobahn BUT we have localized speed limits which sometimes last for 10,20 or even 50 km. And to avoid problems with the german law (no general speed limit on the Autobahn), some local authoroties are pretty clever: they put up a speed limit let's say for 20 km and then there comes a short part of 5 or 10 km where there is no speed limit anymore. And guess what happens after this short part.
    Some speed limits are also in effect only at certain times, for example the speed limit from Ulm to Munich on the A8.
    From 6 am to 8 pm only 120 kph are allowed. Between 8 pm and 6 am, there is no speed limit.

    You have to be careful, it is highly recommended to avoid exceeding the legal speed by more than 20-30 kph on the Autobahn if a speed limit is in effect. You still have to pay if they catch you but you avoid risking more serious trouble. Playing the dumb tourist, playing it nice and telling the police that you're sorry, also helps most of the time. Starting verbal fights, looking angry, etc. only raises the tension and nothing good can come out of it. Just a hint. If police stops you on the Autobahn in an ordinary car (usually they pass you and a POLIZEI display lights up or they flash you with a red light from behind) and not a police car and if they're dressed normally (you can still see the guns and most of the time they also show their badges) and not in uniform, you're in trouble and there is no need to argue with them or playing it tough. They have you on video, including license plate, speed, etc. Tell them you're sorry and play the dumb tourist and you might get away with a ticket only. If you were really fast (let's say 280 in a 120 kph zone), don't say anything and I suggest getting a lawyer.

    Better keep your eyes open, always look what is behind you and pay attention at the distance of the car behind you. They usually drive limousines or station wagons and try to keep a steady distance for some time to be able to put your driving on video, including a correct and steady speed.

    But I shouldn't drive you to boredom with too many details.

    The Autobahn from Stuttgart to Munich is very nice but as I said before, it is more interesting at night because this is when there is a good chance that there is no speed limit on most of the length. We also have electronic displays which indicate a changing speed limit and sometimes, radar traps with phot radar are not far away. If a large display over the street indicates 120 kph speed limit, this is official, you have to follow it. The speed limit is only over when an additional electronic display or ordinary traffic sign indicates it.

    In Austria, you have to be careful with the speed limit. Austrian police can "guess" your speed and they are traffic gods. Meaning: if a police officer stops you and say you went 160 kph instead of the legal speed, his word is the law. Don't start argueing, these guys are well known for being pretty nasty to tourists. Same with french and swiss police, careful!
    Be careful around Berlin, there are lots of speed limits in effect and tons of radar traps and police patrols. Also be careful on your way from Berlin to Munich (you should definetely visit Leipzig and the Porsche factory there!), there are some speed limits and lots of radar traps incl. video patrol cars.

    Around Munich, there are a lot of nice little country roads, for example around lake Starnberg.

    If you need more details, send me a PM or eMail.

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    It's more likely that you will get a ticket and have to pay on the spot if caught. This happened to me once. They take credit cards as well.

    There are also some liability issues associated with going over speed limit if you screw up and crash, meaning that the insurance company is not obligated to pay you. Good to know. My info is dated (left country in 1998) so I hope RC adds or corrects this.

    Re: Factory delivery option price $2250

    I'd recommend a trip from Stuttgart to Heidelberg via the Castle Road--possibly the highest concentration of castles in Germany. A good portion of this road has an unlimited speed as well if that's what you want to do. It's also beautiful when it rains.



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