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    Houston is a small city...

    Ron, good seeing ya. Sorry I couldn't chat.

    Small world out there.

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    Good to see you Scott, it sure is a small city. That car of yours looks really bad A$$

    We need to coordinate another Houston run soon.

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    Yes we do! The weather today sure game me the itch!

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    where did you guys see each other? Lemme know if you guys are going to do another Houston run soon.

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    We met in downtown and we'll let you know for sure .

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    Wait for me guys!
    I'm flying from London on the 11th for two weeks!
    Already planned a week end drive with Ron the WE of the 18th.
    This is becoming a Rennteam meet! Excellent!
    Gary, coming?

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    I'll try to see if the 18th will materialize

    Re: Houston is a small city...




    I could come down for a day, pretty much anytime. During the week would be better for me.

    I will be going for a Cayenne/Land Rover weekend the 20-22nd. EuroCarNut made a post about this but I think it disappeared with the Rennteam blackout.

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    I meant 18th of September.
    Ron is pretending he might be busy, but don't worry, he'll be there!
    I'm renting a Boxster S for the day, or maybe a Maserati Sypder, don't know yet.

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    Sounds good. I'll keep that day open. Let me know if it changes. I'm trying to go to Yosemite sometime in late September too.

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    I believe there is a Porsche run on the 18th of September by PCA members in Houston. I'm not sure if I'll attend or not but if we all rennteamers or others can manage to get together would be awesome.

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    I'm in.

    PS. Where I saw Ron was on the street corner. And yes, it's exactly as it sounds. LOL

    Re: Houston is a small city...


    I can draft an email to all the guys that attended last time and you go ahead and email the rest, todd, Gavin and....since I don't have their emails.

    Then 18th it is I'll post a sticky note later on tonight just make sure we're all agree.

    So I guess on the 18th of September I have an implementation at work and have to go to the office, I'm sure my wife will find out .

    Re: Houston is a small city...

    LOL about the implementation! I'm in. Let's do it.



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