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    Tracking Question

    I have noticed my 04 TT wants to track to the right ever so slightly when on straight roads. I have checked front tire pressures and wonder if anybody has any ideas before I let the agent rip into wheel alignment etc. I would have thought that having left the factory 8 months ago the set up would be perfect

    Re: Tracking Question

    wheel balancing/alignment perhaps?

    Re: Tracking Question

    Gilmour said:
    I have noticed my 04 TT wants to track to the right ever so slightly when on straight roads.

    Could the sensation be described as "falling off the crown"? If you drive on the right side of the road, a rightward drift is downhill, no?

    It's quite normal for cars with which I'm familiar to try to seek lower elevations on the roadway.

    Almost every 911 I've ever driven displays this characteristic to some degree or other. It seems worse on older series cars with wider tires. The 996 is the least susceptible yet, but still has a perceptible amount.

    If the car wants to drift right from the LEFT lane, then it's time to head off to the alignment rack. It may also be possible, but MUCH less probable, that one of the 4 tires has some sort of inner-construction damage (migrating belt).

    Re: Tracking Question

    Never assume that a new car has the proper alignment. I'd take it bake to the dealership and have them check it out rather than have to drive it around and wonder why your car isn't behaving.

    Re: Tracking Question

    I've been told that both the TT & C4S do that naturally on an even road.

    Re: Tracking Question


    Was any reason given why those two models in particular behave that way. Just to bring anyone interested up to date. The dealer has a huge backlog of new cars to pre delivery inspect so my options are to leave the car for days on end in the queue or wait until things quieten down. I have opted for the latter.

    Re: Tracking Question

    No explanation given. Just said they do.
    Mine is hard to say if it's the car or the road or the wind at times.
    I've heard of other cars that are worse. In particular the C4S is known to be worse.

    Re: Tracking Question

    Ive owned 3 tt's now and none of them ever tracked left or right. If i were you id take it back.The steering on the tt along with its engine are its best qualities.



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