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    tequipment o other brake pads?

    Hi Guys ,
    in a few weeeks I need to change my Cayenne's brake pads ......
    4 me this "truck" has nt a good braking power ,so I need to increase it .
    Do u know is ferodo ,pagid ,texart build a sport kit pads 4 Cayenne?
    i know that Manthey raging sells sport braking pads ,but (4 me ) are too expensive ......It's a Cayenne ,not aGT2 clubsport that need performance !
    I need only a good braking power ,not a TRACKDAY braking power ......

    see :

    Re: tequipment o other brake pads?

    stick with OEM, or pagid if they make cayenne pads. if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Re: tequipment o other brake pads?

    Stick with the stock pads...unless you track race your Cayenne.
    Brake pads with a "sportier mixture" have two disadvantages:
    1. they need temperature to provide good braking power
    2. they start to squeak at or below certain temperatures

    Stay with the original pads, they provide the best setup for street driving.

    Re: tequipment o other brake pads?

    Pagid are stock pads. Porterfield are releasing pads right now, otherwise I don't know of any alternatives.

    Re: tequipment o other brake pads?

    Blade-MD said:
    Pagid are stock pads. Porterfield are releasing pads right now, otherwise I don't know of any alternatives.

    Some tuners offer brake pads with a sportier mixture for the Cayenne. I actually consider this irresponsible because these brake pads offer worse braking performance unless the brakes are getting really hot.

    Re: tequipment o other brake pads?

    My friend in Italy sells a front set of PAGID BLUE for 150 Euro .
    I'd like to know if the original Cayenne is equipped with Pagid blue ,black or ...
    RC ,It's true ,but I think that companies like Pagid ,Brembo .etc ...are the best companies of the word and they are able to product good pads .
    In my former 996 I had pagid yellow pads ,the braking power was increased a lot ..My dealer told me that in road use there were dangerous because they need to be hot .(he told me that in first braking i nedd to help me with handbrake!!) It's not true ...I used that pads during winter last hear to go to tackdays in italy and germany (nuerburging) ,the braking power during first 10 minuts was like Texart 996 original pads ,after the power is super!
    Last hear after the Nuerburgring I was in German autobahn at 290 km/h ,suddendly a car at 130 arrived in front of mine ........(with the turn light on !!!!! he vas german!!!) ....i use all pagid braking power and now I'm here.
    So ,I'd like to increase the Cayenne power ,because 4 me ,her braking is very bad .....but I need to remember that Cayenne is a SUV ,not a 911 .



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