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    Re: Brazil GP

    why it all in spainish!

    Re: Brazil GP

    bazza said:
    guys! what did he say in the video!?anyone know spainish!?

    Fernando Alosno pretty much can't walk two steps in Spain without the yellow press leeches following him. This is why Alonso doens't even live in Spain, he lives in England.

    This is after/before a concert that his girlfriend had given (a spanish band singuer), she is seen at the end of the video. In this video he confronts those yellow press reporters to leave him alone, that his presense there has nothing to do with his racing, and that this is not the track, why are they following him on his free day, and so on. They signal that they are taping this and he says that he doesn't care, he can say what he wants... drives off.

    Re: Brazil GP

    oh great! carlos u r here !

    please explain this one too !

    Re: Brazil GP

    That one is not worth it, its just an amateur imitation

    Re: Brazil GP

    Dr. Phil said:
    bazza said:
    guys! what did he say in the video!?anyone know spainish!?

    The reporter asked him if it's true that he has a closet that he taeks with him whereever he goes, and if it's true that he likes jumping out of the closet before every race.

    Understandably, Alonso gets a bit annoyed and ask the reporter why she disrespects him with questions like that.
    "You journalists always pick on us little people! Just because I am the champion you think I am public property, and just because I am vertically challenged it doesn't mean that you can harrass me with silly questions like that. Of course I dont have an alloy closet with black drapes that I can jump out of! That's just riduculous!
    Now I'll get in my custom made Renault Espace and if I can reach the pedals I will drive off! Byebye!"

    After a while his crew comes out with some gear. Probably not related to this story at all...

    Lastly his sister barely escapes these silly questions from the reporter.
    I think he handled that pretty well!




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