C'mon, you own a Cayenne Turbo, Mini Cooper S and 997 GT3 and you're going to stay at the IBIS hotel in Dubai? You can't be serious.

There are always decent last minute offers for luxury hotels like Atlantis or Burj al Arab, sometimes incl. the flight. I recently saw an offer for Sept., one week at Atlantis, incl. flight, for 2200 EUR per person. I paid 3600 EUR for a new set of brake discs/pads on my Cayenne Turbo S, just as a comparison regarding the price tag.

Btw: we've been two years ago in Miami Beach around early November and despite a storm from the Carribean, it was pretty warm (27-29°C air temp and around 24-26°C water temp). It was the most enjoyable trip in our life, simply because we actually planned to go with the kids to Disneyland Paris instead. It was a last minute decision, simply because the weather in Paris was terrible (rain and cold) and we all four (me, my wife and kids) had a cold. We booked our flights/hotel ONE day before departure through the internet and it was absolutely fantastic.

Just as an idea...


 Cayenne Turbo - Mini Cooper S - 997 GT3