Today I finally picked up my 996 Turbo substitute (well, not really ), the Mercedes E55 AMG.
I had a pretty loaded day today and I can't go into details right now but here are two pics from the pickup and one short comment: this car is a blast and it is incredible how refined it is for such a heavy weight limousine. You have to drive it to believe it, with the Sport 2 suspension setup it feels like a 996 without M030. Stiff and no sideroll at all. Nothing! Unbelievable. The steering however could be somehow more direct but it is almost as good as in a regular 996. I don't know what those car magazines did when they tested the car (probably they used the standard suspension setup which adapts automatically) but I did some pretty nasty things today with this car and all I can tell is: impressive. A more detailled driving report and more pictures soon to come.