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    Car washing question

    It's my first 911. I must look to veteransfor my lack of motoring knowledge. Coming from boxster, this question seems logical to me since the engine of the boxster is not exposed on the back with air inlets and cooling on the side... 
    911... the engine is on the REAR... I popped the back of the hood, nice engine... clean and all... I saw 1 fan for cooling and 2 inlets for air intake into the engine for combustion... However, the wing has slits that slant down so in normal cases for rain, water should slide through... but afterall, given the angle, water will seep in.  If I wash the car (just like when it rains) or hose water off... , water will hit the fan and the air intake, I presume that it is of no problem?  I am just trying to find out. Most cars engine is protected from water by the hood and engines are in the front and the air intake is in the front and water seldom seep in... I washed my car this weekend and water definitely seeped in through the rear inlets for cooling and air intake.
    I presume that given 911's ingenious design, it is of no problem but in general, I always think that no water should get into the engine? Water did hit the cooling fan and the air inlets as the slits on the back goes right through into the engine?

    Re: Car washing question

    As long as you don't go pressure-washing your engine bay or pouring liters of water in the air-inlets of the rear spoiler I think there is no problem  ;)

    Re: Car washing question

    On my 06 997, I open the engine cover as I am drying the car. I've noticed water drains from the lid directly into the air intake, so I'm careful to cover it witha towel immediately upon opening. It doesn't appear to get wet during washing, only after it's opened. I open it to drain water from the "wing", otherwise ,you'll have water streaks coming off both rear corners of the car. Washing your car with the wing in the up position might give the H2O a means of entry into the intake.
    2006 997 carrera coupe

    Re: Car washing question

    This was debated some years ago.

    Maybe this will answer the question.  Smiley Smiley
    "Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."

    Re: Car washing question

     Well it worked when I posted it, but doesn't now...not sure why but try this one..

    Yeah, this works okay - not sure what went wrong. Smiley

    "Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."

    Re: Car washing question

    The problem was the vs=13, i removed it and now it works... I will put a filter in there that does this automatically.



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