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    CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    Seems we're penalised at every given opportunity....

    Pistonheads Article

    Fortunately, the 2.7-manual sneaks in at 222g/km, coz I would have been most unimpressed for what is otherwise the tidler of the P-range

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    Only affects cars registered after 23rd MArch 06, so only the last 12 months worth of cars really affected

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    xbox said:
    Seems we're penalised at every given opportunity....

    Correct. Is the excise duty going up Pounds100 per year going to worry anybody who can afford a Porsche or a Range Rover or a BMW X5? No. And the Chancellor knows it. It is just another stealth tax to help pay for us to fight someone elses wars and subsidise all the freeloaders and immigrants. Otherwise the most "green" cars such as my daughters Citroen C1 would pay no tax at all, insteasd of a paltry reduction from Pounds50 to Pounds35.

    Gordon Brown might be the longest serving chancellor in recent history let's hope he is one of the shortest serving Prime Ministers.

    I've said my piece I'll now get off the soap box.

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    I'm with you dreamcar! Penalizing success is not a recipe for continued prosperity! You eventually drive out your performers and wealth makers by such foolishness.

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    An analyst from the think tank, the Institute of Fiscal Studies, was saying that the increase in road tax was mainly designed to fund the 2p reduction in the basic income tax rate from 22p to 20p per Pounds.

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    If the government wanted to stop pollution they would ban new cars from having emissions above a certain ratio.

    This isnt a tax on gass guzzlers as if i had a gt i'd be paying as much as a golf 1.8 turbo!

    Basicly i'm worse off and so are my friends and every hard working young person in the uk!

    We have the highest taxes and what i find funny is how can the uk have an economy the same as the usa!

    When the u.s has 300 million people and 3.7 million sq miles.

    The uk has 60 million and 94500 sq miles, no wonder everthings nearly double the price!

    In 1987 uk petrol was 37 pence per litre 20 years later is around 90 pence, road tax is astronomical, we dont have a free dental service and the nhs is crippled!

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    I'll continue to see it my way.... scrap the road fund license, put all the duty on fuel. If you do more miles or drive less efficient cars then you pay for it - simple. At least this way you are in complete control of yuor costs.

    But then that would put thousands of DVLA workers out of jobs

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    And i bet anyone who registered their new cars on 24th MArch 06 is miffed !

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    We uk'ers pay more than enough in petrol tax alone, never mind in maintinance costs and other stuff.

    The u.s has it right, i remember bush coming to the uk and some enviromentalists complained that the u.s was cheap on petrol and they wanted bush to up petrol tax.

    And bush just said he wont jeprodise the u.s economy, so in other words he was tax people to death for wanting to drive a car.

    The way i see things over here bush asks for 5% of your cake, and you get the rest.

    Where as blair asks you to cut 5% of your cake, and then
    he says you keep the 5% and i'll take the rest!

    King charles the 1st was taxing everyone back in the 1600's and oliver cromwell stopped him.

    The same is happening over 300 years later, except its not the king which is doing this it's the labour government!

    Time to bring back the IRON LADY and the cheap petrol!

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    911digital said:
    Time to bring back the IRON LADY and the cheap petrol!

    In her day there were three truly great world leaders. Margaret Thatcher, Gorbechev and Ronald Reagan. Just look at the three present day incumbents. Or should I say incompetents

    Not quite sure what this topic has to do with the Boxster Board though, maybe we should continue it on the Off Topic Board ?

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    This is all B*** S*** Global warming is Bull its a natural evolution which has happened time after time , all the green BS taxes are just that BS , they want to reduce dependency in the west on the oil from the M east and the Global warming industry is now a worldwide multi billion pound industry / Business Yes Business ! lets just tax everything we can possibly relate to Greenhouse gases that infact only increase as the temp rises not the other way round Brown as is Gore are full of S*** The sooner i get out of this fast becoming nanny state of all nanny states the better

    now ive got that off my chest

    The Global Warming Swindle / Scam

    Re: CO2 Road Tax Increases (UK)

    Yes good idea should be in the off topic..

    Discussion continued in the off topic section......



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