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    MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    Just got back from AWE Tuning in Willow Grove, PA after 3 pulls on the Mustang Dynometer:

    RWHP: 348.4 @ 7250 rpm
    Est. Fywheel HP based on 1.15 conversion factor: 400.66

    RWTorque: 262.4 @ 5250 rpm
    Est. Flywheel Torque: based on 1.15 factor: 301.76

    I will post the graph soon. Very Flat torque curve throughout the rpm range.

    This was based on completely stock GT3 configuration.

    Here's a link to the video of the run provided by AWE in the hall of fame... Thanks Todd and Mike!!!

    Can't wait for the bonus HP when the Europipe arrives!!! Man, my car is sssstrrrronggg!!!

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration


    Great numbers, your engine must be at the upper end of hp range! Be very interesting to see the graph.

    Is your Cayenne S just too boring to drive now? I got a loaner when my 4S was in the shop and I was impressed with the handling/engine (for an SUV.) It wanted to be driven hard on the twisties.

    'Course I am just an old guy with an M96 "lump" 996 and even a tip...

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    that sounds pretty similar to my SC 996 (click the image in the link below to make it bigger):

    i'd also argue for a larger power train loss than you are calculating since my stock 996 showed a 17.3 and 15.5% hp and lb respectively power train loss on the same dyno that produced the 367 and 291 post SC @ wheel numbers.

    while this is the earlier gen GT3, this is interesting nonetheless (the reason for the lower hp than the link above is that this is a 3rd gear pull whereas the above is 4th):

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    The pull was a fourth gear is a graph using an 03 996TT as a baseline compare...interesting

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    Hi rockitman

    How many miles you have on your GT3?

    regards bruno

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    Hi rockitman

    How many miles you have on your GT3?

    regards bruno

    Hello Bruno,

    The GT3 had 1100 miles at the time of dyno. Just broken in. The Europipe is in Santa's sleigh to be dropped off 12/26, so it looks like I will have a weekend project to look forward to. Happy Holidays...

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    Is your Cayenne S just too boring to drive now?

    Hello Jim:

    The cayenne is my daily beater and I love it, especially now in the winter...It gets me to the slopes safe and secure during big storms for those powder days I like so much for skiing. Sadly, the GT3 does'nt get much action this time of year...

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    Well I suppose if you have to have a daily beater, might as well be the Cayenne...

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    Not like it matters, but I just wanted to point something out. It is not as accurate to multiply the horsepower at the wheels by 1.15 to get the flywheel number, provided that you believe the horsepower loss is 15%. You can think of the engine as producing x hp, and loses a certain percentage of its horsepower, such that the horsepower at wheels is (1-losspercentage)*flywheelhp = wheelhp. Applying a 1.15 factor to the rear wheel numbers implies a loss of 13.04%. Just wanted to clarify that.

    If the loss was actually 15%, the flywheel number would be even higher.

    If you look at the 355 number from the turbo, and apply the factor (i.e., 355/(1-.15)), the result is about 417hp, which is very close the actual number. The implied loss assuming ther 415 number is 14.46%. If you assume this number is the same in the GT3, then the implied flywheel number based off your dyno results is about 407hp.

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration


    I agree with your numbers,

    348 rwhp that Rockitman made is 85% of a number
    (100% being Total flywheel HP)

    You get 348 divided by .85 and it gives you 409. at the flywheel.

    To cross check your numbers get 409 HP and multiply by .85% and you get 348 rwhp at 15% loss.

    just showing the way i look at rwhp #'s.

    Rockitman i think you made some HP today.

    Re: MY04 GT3 Dyno day - Stock configuration

    Look forward to seeing the numbers on your GT3 right after you put the Europipe on it



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