MMD said:Long term parked outside in a wet or marine environment is bad.

So, you're saying I shouldn't be parking my car in a lake or the sea then? I'll have to watch that then.

I'm guessing that while not as good being in a garage, certainly, being outside isn't going to affect things that badly. Otherwise Porsche would say 'Don't drive your car in the rain, ever!' The body is galvanised, the underside is well sealed, the electrics are pretty well out of the way... The brakes and exhaust system are IMHO the most vulnerable to corrosion, not just from being physically wet, but from high humidity conditions. (Or do you all have de-humidifiers in your garages?). I think the compound of the brake disks is a compromise between braking ability and corrosion resistance. Having standing water trapped in the holes in the disks probably accelerates corrosion more so than with un-vented disks though, so taking the car for a short drive after washing is probably a very good idea. Certainly I try to do this, but as the car is used daily and left outside I'm not going to sweat about it too much, and I don't think I need to.