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    Fuel tank size

    dear All,
    I just discovered this website and it is great.
    My question must have been asked about a thousand times but what do you think is best between a 996 turbo and a 360 modena, I've always been a Porsche fan but then the ferrari sounds so great, although I heard you can get good sport exhausts from the turbo from Cargraphic, tubistyle, etc. but what really bothers me is the driving range of the turbo, I heard that if you drive in a sporty way, the range can be as small as 250 km!!! Turbo owners, is that true? And if yes, how do you deal with it? I wouldn't use it daily but I do a lot of motorway and I can't see myself stopping every 300 km!!! Thank you for reading my message.

    Re: Fuel tank size

    Maybe I'm the wrong person to answer your question but I have to confess that I don't care about my small fuel tank.
    My fuel consumption varies somewhere between 17 and 21 l/100 km and I don't get far with my fuel tank. But hey, what do I care: I have a fuel station on every corner and it takes only a few minutes to fill it up.
    Regarding the 360 Modena and 996 Turbo: the Turbo is around 2 seconds faster from 0-200 kph and around 8 seconds faster from 0-260 kph. To me, these are worlds. And don't forget about the advantage of the 996 Turbo engine: if you want more power, you can easily gain it.
    The 360 Modena is a very stylish but also very good performing car. If you like it, go for it. Personally, I'm more a F355 and Maranello addict but I guess it depends on what you want.

    Re: Fuel tank size

    Well Dear RC,
    You've answered my questions really quickly, thank you for that. I think that for now, I will repair the 996 and wait a bit for the Turbo. I read with interest all the messages concerning the power increase of the turbo to 450 bhp, the torque is the same as the GT2 between 3500 and 4500 rpm, does that mean that the power will come later compared to a standard turbo (2700 rpm) but with more violence? Because I've had the privilege to drive a GT2 and that's what I felt, fast car until 3000 rpm and then, something beyond words, man it's amazing!!! Weirdly, I've haven't driven a turbo yet. Also another question, when I went to Zuffenhausen, I have been told that from september onwards, there will be a new option on the turbo which is Sport suspension, the car will be lowered 20 mm to seat as low as the GT2, pretty much the same as the 30 mm option available on the Carrera (as low as the GT3). Appart from the fact that the car will look better (believe me, 2 cm lower make a difference) do you think it will affect confort a lot. I've only driven the GT2 about 15 min and it was ok but maybe you have a better experience.
    I would like to point out that the factory is quite impressive, a lot is still done by hand and it is just fantastic to see hundreds of Porsches aligned going for test drives!!!
    I also got to see the new Boxsters althgough I don't know anything about power increase, the external differences concern only the bumpers and a new weird bar on each side of the exhaust, looks weird. Lights are the same.
    Finally I did also see in it the new PCM, and I do hope for only one thing, that you will be able to load music CD in the front, it's a detail but it makes a difference, this is why for my actual Carrera, I went for the Becker Traffic Pro because you can put in your destination and then put any music you want without stopping and going for the boot.
    Sorry to bother but one last question, the X50 option is very expensive for only 30 hp, do you think all those power increase by Ruf, Techart, etc. are reliable, because, if they are, they offer much more hp for a little more money.
    How many km do you do on the motorway when driving easy in the turbo(150 km) and then driving hard?
    Thank you for your time RC.
    By the way, how come you know so much about Porsche?
    Do you live in Weissach?

    Re: Fuel tank size

    The upcoming sport suspension (still not 100% as far as I heard) for the 996 Turbo is actually pretty similar to the H&R coilover kit. I don't have details yet but I try to find out more as soon as possible. The ride should be stiff but comfort shouldn't be comprised too much. As I didn't have the chance to drive such an equipped Turbo yet, I can't tell you more about it. It might however feel a bit more stiff than the GT2 suspension because the 996 Turbo has much lighter rims. Not sure about that though.

    Power increase on the Boxster facelift is said to be around 8 HP for both, the Boxster and Boxster S. There is a constant rumor of a Boxster RS with around 290 HP but I it hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

    As far as I know, it will be possible to load music CDs in the front too (after removing the Nav CD) but for the Nav System to be able to work when listening to music, you still need a CD changer. The new PCM system will also offer a dual band phone (GSM 900 MHz and GSM 1800 MHz) and for the first time it seems that the phone option will be available in the US too (GSM 1900 and 800 MHz).

    If you want 100% reliability, go for the factory power upgrade. It includes also a shorter gear ratio for the 6th gear which makes the X50 equipped Turbo a bit faster in acceleration (not top speed !) in the higher speed range.
    Aftermarket tuning kits can be reliable (though never as reliable as the factory setup) but it depends on how much money you want to spend. The 996 Turbo engine is good for around 600 HP without further mods but it isn't only the engine you have to worry about. From my experience with different Turbo owners who did mods to their cars, I can recommend two setups: a mild ECU upgrade including exhaust/cats and airfilter which delivers around real 480-490 HP or a ECU/turbo charger/exhaust/cats upgrade which delivers around 520-540 HP. With upgrades over 500 HP, a gearbox oilcooler (or just steel synchron rings) or at least a clutch system upgrade are highly recommended. Even with 480-490 HP it is highly recommendable to install a stronger clutch pressure plate and a stronger clutch disc. A onemass flywheel is not recommended for everyday driving.

    When driving easy, I put around 350 km on my Turbo. When driving hard, I have to take fuel after around 250 km.

    Thanks for the flowers, I'm not sure if I know that much. No, I don't live in Weissach but around 180 km away from it.

    You don't have to thank me for my time, it is my pleasure to exchange myself with you guys over here. I'd wish that more people have the courage to post here, we have an unbelievable traffic on but only a few people seem to post. Sad. BTW: congrats, you're our 100th registered User after only 6 weeks.

    Re: Fuel tank size


    Here's my view about fuel consumption. It wasn't easy, but I've made a few tests on the highway: after a 170 km trip at a constant speed of 135 km/h (it was at night, with almost no traffic), the onboard-computer indicated a consumption of 8.9l/100km. (Yeah, that's not a typo: eight point nine) On the other hand, I spent last Monday at the track in Dijon/France, and it was more like 29.8l/100km. I'd say that a "normal" easy drive on the highway should be around 11.5l/100km.

    So yes, the fuel tank is rather small. But stopping every 300 km to refuel isn't that bad. Taking a short break every hour and a half can only do good! ;-)

    Oh, and about this Modena-Turbo decision: I use my 996 Turbo as a daily driver, regardless of weather conditions (including snow), and I put more than 50'000 km on it within the last 12 months. Besides a few issues with the rear-spoiler, this car is perfectly reliable! I don't really know about the Modena, but I doubt I could have driven it last winter here in Switzerland...


    Re: Fuel tank size

    Thanks for your replis guys,
    This is helpful, really...
    Pierre, were at the Dijon Prenois circuit?
    I was there in march with my C4C, great track but can be tricky, a lot of devers (sorry, don't know the english word) I did it during the rallye de Paris which is great bc unlike others rallyes, this one lets you enter with a recent GT, we went to Dijon Prenois and Magny Court, now, that was impressive!!! Now I can say, I drove the Adelaide hairpin, maybe not as fast as Schumacher though...
    Pierre, it is a good thing that you drive your turbo all year round but read what happened to me two weeks ago in the 996 forum, and it had 4WD and PSM too. Like RC said, it pushes the grip limits but the laws of physics will hit you in the face harder, dear Porsche users, be careful, enjoy!!!


    I am new to this site, what do all the abreviations mean?
    H and R, ROW, etc.
    Thank you,

    Re: Fuel tank size


    Yeah, it was in Dijon-Prenois, and it was my 2nd time there this year. I really enjoy this track... Maybe we'll meet there somewhen? Oh, I spent 4 days at the Nürburgring end of April, and this was quite impressive and enjoyable too!... ;-)

    About PSM, 4WD and what happened to you... Yes, I'm aware of the limitations of the PSM. Physics always wins... I attended 2 Porsche trainings on snow (Finland and Switzerland) last winter, and had the opportunity to play a lot with and without PSM. Nevertheless, the PSM is truly impressive. It takes some fun away, but is really handy when you just want to drive "normally" from A to B.

    About the abbreviations:
    - H&R is a brand (forgot the full name). They make (among other things!) some nice coilover kits. I had it installed on my Turbo about one month ago. The car now is slightly lower and stiffer. Sticks even more to the road/track! I'm getting it fine-tuned next week in order to check it and to reduce understeer.
    - ROW: Rest Of the World. US settings are often different from the ones used in the ROW. I don't know the reasons, but I'm sure RC is going to give us the explanation...


    Re: Fuel tank size

    Right, H&R is a company. I know that the R means "Remmen", the owner of H&R. He also owns a 996 Turbo, one reason why a lot of Porsche drivers prefer H&R setups for their cars because they know the owner of H&R cares about development very much. The factory GT3 also drives H&R btw.

    ROW: Rest Of World. Porsche cars for the US usually have a different setup (suspension, sometimes engine) than the "ROW" cars.
    TT: Twin Turbo. There has been some confusion a year ago because some people thought we're talking about the Audi TT.
    PAG: Porsche AG. For people who are to lazy to type the whole name.

    Hope this helps.



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