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    Recommended 18" Tires

    If longevity is the main criteria, what is the recommended 18 incher for the Cayenne? Any chance I can get 30K miles out of a set?

    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    CityRacer said:
    If longevity is the main criteria, what is the recommended 18 incher for the Cayenne? Any chance I can get 30K miles out of a set?

    I would only recommend Porsche approved tires and the Continental 4x4 Contact M&S probably has at least as much treadlife as any other N spec tire. Not a prayer of getting 30k though; expect about 15k.

    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    i have done a couple of forays into the world of non-porsche approved tires, you can search on my posts to see the results. so far, the kumhos looked like they would make it to 30k, but you would have to wear earplugs for the last 10k. the generals i am running now are a very good tire, and look like at least 25k, but as i noted elsewhere, they scream like a girl when you press them.

    the michelin demaris look like a good tire, but the 18" doesn't have the N1 rev yet. if it did, i would probably recommend that. 30k is alot of expectation for tires on a car as heavy as this and begging to be driven as the cayenne is. the cayenne is also an easy car to get the wrong tires on (again, look at some of my longer posts on tire specs).


    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G052
    i have done some research about my CS's tire spec too. not 100% sure you gona get 30K but at least 20K is possible...the only thing is its not V rated. but it should be ok for us.we don;t normally drive up to 250KM right?

    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    hope this will help

    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    Thanks to all of you who responded. If I lower my expectation to 25K, any changes from the above suggestions?

    Maybe I'm nuts, but I find changing tires every 20K miles rather unacceptable, especially considering the cost of these tires. I have a Jaguar XJ and a mini-van, both with Michelins. These are heavy cars as well, and the tires always last over 30K miles.

    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    part of this is a copy of an earlier post, but i went back and edited and expounded on the 18" section of it. remember the jag weighs in at under 4k while the cayenne is over 5. also the AWD i think is a contributor, although i never noticed the problem on the audis i had (although the A6 never ran long enough for me to check wear).

    looking at tire rack ( for 18" tires for the cayenne, there are 39 tires that fit the 18", deltamax on price is 148 bucks, or 151%. of these, fully 15 don't meet the primary specs, so can be tossed.

    as far as the N rated tires go, they are some of the worst in their respective classes.

    Pirelli PZero Rosso listed 17th out 22 cost 198
    Continental 4x4 SportContact listed 4th of 4 cost 202
    Bridgestone Turanza ER30 doesn't have a rating but cost 244
    Continental 4x4 Contact 10th out of 11 (with a 4/10 on "buy again" cost 159
    Pirelli Scorpion Zero 7 out of 11 cost 143

    for my favs (non N rated, the michelin falls here because tire rack doesn't carry the N version)
    General Grabber UHP 1 of 4 cost 102 (but they scream like a gurl around corners)
    Michelin 4x4 Diamaris 2 of 4 cost 228

    i have also run the

    Kumho ECSTA STX rated 4 of 11 cost 104 (might have made 30k, but you would have needed earplugs for the last 10k)

    the best rated, the general UHP is available in the 18" size, and it is under half the cost of the Michelin 4x4 Diamaris (which are N0 in this size). the Michelin is second rated, hard on the general's number one score in this tire. if they come out with an N1 in the diamaris in the 18", i will probably buy it.

    the cayenne is a tough fitment, and a wrong choice (load rating 104 or less, etc) could not only result in bad tire performance, but could also result in a high speed blowout. with the cayenne you might avoid being rolled in a ball (i came up on a ford explorer that had just rolled 6-8 times after a blowout, i had nightmares for a long time after that), but it would certainly be an interesting ride. the cayenne pushes the envelope in performance with a car this heavy, and the tires are how the car talks to the road. if you are willing to do alot of research, do it diligently and make an informed decision. if you have better things to do with your saturday, buy an "N" rated tire (my advice is the diamaris) and spend the rest of your day basking in the knowledge that you have a tire that is exactly right for your car.


    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    thanx for your post, but could you please suggust some tires thats good for All-Season? because i am living in Vancouver BC.its not heavy snow in winter,but Michelin Diamaris is for summer only.any suggustion will help. thnx

    Re: Recommended 18" Tires

    I use Pirelli PZero Rosso for summer, and Pirelli Scorpion for winter, in a V6

    Re: Recommended 18" Tires


    Pirelli Scorpion Zero and
    Continental 4x4 Contact are "all season" tires.

    in non N rated the

    Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G052 is very highly thought of, although i don't like it because it is H rated as opposed to V rated.



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