Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some answers to the most common questions. For further questions, please refer to our support.

Activity Index

This index shows you if you are using the Rennteam features on a regular basis. It also gives other users the possibility to assess how fast you are going to reply to a thread/post they made.


While the Activity Index is an indicator for using Rennteam and its features, the Teamgeist is an indicator for how long you have been a registered member of Rennteam and how important your influence is on the community. Teamgeist level is not just the number of posts/threads you made but also the number of views and replies from other members and of course how other members have rated your posts/threads.


You can actively influence the content of Rennteam by rating posts/threads and other content. The importance of your rating is based on an evaluation of the length of the time period of your membership, on your level of Teamgeist and of course on your Activity Index level.

Upload Area

Under MyRennteam you can find a easy access to file upload feature. For example you can upload pictures to MyRennteam for later usa in posts/threads.

Embedding Videos

You can easily embed videos in your posts/threads by simply providing a link to the video on YouTube. Currently only video links from YouTube are supported.


As a member, you are provided with a secured member only area where you can follow the forums activities. The personal profile area and the address book give you the ability to view contacts and administer those contacts which are mostly for exchanging private messages.