About Rennteam

Rennteam – The Sports Car Community is the worldwide community for sports car enthusiasts. In the Rennteam portal, it is about the common joy of exclusive sports cars, technology and lifestyle. The members come from virtually all countries and form a continually growing community since 2002. Rennteam is international and manufacturer independent.

Experiences, insider news and discussions

Interested seek and find useful information about models and equipment, driving reports and insider news. The protagonists are predominantly sports car owners, which report first-hand about their experiences and share pictures and videos.

First social network worldwide

Rennteam 2.0 connects sports car fans on the whole world. With the first professional social network for sports car enthusiasts, Rennteam promotes contacts and friendships under like-minded. In the closed area members watch the activities of the community, manage their contacts, exchange private messages administrate their profile.

Web 2.0

The utilization and perception of the Internet has changed. Users produce and process contents to an increasing degree by themselves. Content counts and good content belongs ahead. True to this Web 2.0 principle, members can shape the portal actively. A sophisticated rating system determines contributions which qualify for the portal.

Rennteam speaks the languages of this world

Rennteam 2.0 is entirely multilingual and supports English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Though, the multilingualism doesn't restrict itself to the user interface. Each user can activate several languages simultaneously and communicate to the community in the respective languages.

Think global. Meet local.

For the promotion of regional groups and the exchange of local topics and events, contents can be allocated geographically. The regions are the USA, Asia and Middle East and Europe with Germany, England, France, Italy and Spain.

A new era of communities

Rennteam 2.0 combines Web 2.0 functionality, a professional social network system and a high extent of integration in the individual areas. With a specifically developed system, which is based on established Java technologies, Rennteam sets standards in matters of functionality, performance and security and stands for a new era of communities.