Scientists and politicians are wonderful.

In the early 70's they claimed the earths population would face starvation and run out of oil in the 80's.

In the 80's they claimed the earth would enter another Ice Age around 2000.

Now they say we are entering a global warming catastrophe.
Of course that can be fixed if there is a "Envy Tax" on cars. Odd how they make no mention of the private jets and mega luxury homes of their super rich supporters.

The EU should just decree a "Envy Tax" and get it over with.
On global warming they seem to be pandering more to those that don't have than actually facing the "problem."

If The EU was actually serious about facing global warming they would return Europe to a pastoral agrarian economy with cities emptied and people back in villages growing crops in small fields.

Is Richard Branson ready to cease operations of Virgin to save the earth? Is Ikea ready to supply horses and carts
so people can get their furniture home? Are EU employees ready to walk to and from work, have offices without air conditioning, central heat and no copy machines? I dont think so.

Its developed into a political farce with undertones of class envy, but not envy of the super rich who give it public support and back the utterances of politicians who pander to envy sickness.

Will Buono trade his Maserati for a rickshaw and pay some taxes to support his governments efforts. Likely? No.

Sorry, but the effort looks laughable.