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    Sports Exhaust Installation

    Collected the car this morning, complete at last. Here's the (in)famous switch that caused all the grief, or at least the wiring loom for same that was overlooked. The whole sub panel is new including the other three unaffected original switches.

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    The exhaust system is completely new downstream of the catalytic converters.

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    Replacement silencers

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    Starboard side by-pass pipe with butterfly valve and actuator. Now connected up the system automatically switches starts in "normal" mode irrespective of previous setting. In sport mode it switches to "normal" between around 25 -45mph. I did ask OPC if they could by-pass the auto quiet mode but the system is all connected up to the car's electronics and can't be bypassed. It's a fair compromise to be able to have the option as we found on our trip to Brittany it can be boomy at cruising speeds.

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    Great job DC. I need details... Which OPC did you use? Were you happy with the job they did? I already have PSE on my C2S. How much do you think they would charge just for fitting the switch? Thanks!

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    Hi easy. Bournemouth as usual did an excellent job. The only cock up as I've mentioned was when they ordered the switch they overlooked the wiring loom. Cost was Pounds258.00 inc VAT to supply and install the switch and connect up the butterfly valve actuators etc. (1.8 hrs labour + parts). For cars that have sport chrono it's a lot less expensive as that switch doubles as the exhaust switch and some of the wiring is already in place. I was even able to haggle a 10% discount on the labour rate - first time I've ever managed to get anything off there

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    Excuse my ignorance but what does this switch do?

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    BD1 said:
    Excuse my ignorance but what does this switch do?

    Here is an excellent technical description of the PSE system courtesy of jcs, from the 997 Board :-

    The way the PSE works is as follows:
    1. Both mufflers have bypass pipes with a vac. operated damper in each.
    2. When the dampers are closed, the exhaust goes thru the entire muffler , when open, the exhaust exits from the first chamber ( the mufflers have three chambers in them . You should also get more power in bypass mode although Porsche does not make any claims )
    3. The exh. pipe dampers are NORMALLY OPEN and only close when the vacuum line is opened. An electrically activated solenoid valve , controlled by the Sport Chrono or it's own switch (the one with the dual exh. pipe symbol on it )
    either opens or closes the vacuum pipe to the dampers.
    4. The solenoid valve is NORMALLY CLOSED. That means, if you disconnect the electric plug to it (that's the brown/orange plug in the engine compartment) it closes and does not allow the vacuum to close the exhaust dampers.
    ( this is the easy mod. if you just want the PSE on all the time )

    If you DO NOT have the Sport Chrono, all you need do is install an on-off switch interrupting the 12V to the solenoid valve.
    a) Switch open = no 12 V to solenoid, PSE on loud
    (Irrespective of factory switch position )
    b. Switch closed = PSE works exactly per factory switch .

    If you DO have the CHRONO, you can do the same as above , but you will NOT be able to go to QUIET with Chrono ON( because QUIET requires a 12 V signal to close the solenoid )
    If you want ALL options, you need to install a DPDT switch and connect an alternate 12V power source to it in order to be able to close the solenoid i.e. PSE quiet(You can just tap into the cigarette lighter 12V wire near the ashtray, or wherever you chose to locate the switch

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    so where does the other end of the braided hose connect to ? I assume there is a Tee piece to connect with the other silencer and some form of electronic switch to activate the vacuum to the hose to open the flap ?

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    berty987 said:
    so where does the other end of the braided hose connect to ? I assume there is a Tee piece to connect with the other silencer and some form of electronic switch to activate the vacuum to the hose to open the flap ?

    Yes that's right, there is a tee piece connecting the two braided pipes together. I've not seen the installation in the engine compartment or seen any schematics of the system so I can't help beyond that, I'm afraid.

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    Thanks DC. My problem is that I also have Sport Chrono so I actually want a separate switch to turn the PSE on/off. Back at square one again

    Re: Sports Exhaust Installation

    easy_rider911 said:
    Thanks DC. My problem is that I also have Sport Chrono so I actually want a separate switch to turn the PSE on/off. Back at square one again

    Some guys have installed a separate (non standard) switch for this :-

    I believe this may provide the answer you are looking for, i.e. activation of the PSE independently from the "sport" switch.



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