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    Maybach may get demoted to a sub-brand of Mercedes.

    Maybach badge would be like AMG except to identify high-end luxury variants of Mercedes-Benz vehicles 

    Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler is close to a decision on what to do about its other luxury brand, Maybach, and one of the options being weighed is making Maybach a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz. 

    Last week Daimler was considering a partnership with Aston Martin in order to keep the Maybach brand alive. In that report, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche candidly admitted that Maybach has been a dismal failure for the company. 

    According to a new report by Automotive News Europe, Daimler has three options on the table. One is to demote the division to a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, the second is to try to forge an alliance with Aston Martin while the third is to discontinue the brand altogether. 

    Reducing Maybach into a junior division of Mercedes-Benz would work much like the AMG brand identifies high-performance variants of models in the Benz lineup. Maybach badged variants of the S-, GL- and CL-Class vehicles would be luxurious high-end variants of those models. 

    Daimler has postponed a deadline for a decision on Maybach from July 1st to the end of July, when the next meeting of the company's supervisory board is scheduled.


    I say, KILL IT!!

    Re: Maybach may get demoted to a sub-brand of Mercedes.

     Wasn't Maybach already a sud-brand of MB , but making it official would make sense. The Maybach always just looked like a luxury MB and had no proper identity. A big  styling  mistake was made !


     997.2 C2S, PDK, -20mm

    Re: Maybach may get demoted to a sub-brand of Mercedes.


     Wasn't Maybach already a sud-brand of MB 

    I actually thought the same... Smiley If my memory serves me well, they figured in customer surveys that a car positioned above the S-class should bear a different name than the nowadays-too-common Mercedes badge. I agree though that both car and brand are lacking any history, people might look different on it if the car would´ve turned out more beautiful.

    Re: Maybach may get demoted to a sub-brand of Mercedes.


     Wasn't Maybach already a sud-brand of MB , ....

    It might as well have been for all the difference it would have made for the few owners. Making that change now would just mean redrawing the company's organisational chart.

    Let's hope that it isn't rolled into Aston Martin, as has also been discussed. I'd hate to see it dragging down the Aston Marin brand with it. Smiley





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