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    Little Help:

    Although these cars don't pertain to the realm of Super Sports that we're used to discussing on rennteam, as an undergrad, heading into Law School, I don't really have the disposable income to push a lot and I trust you guys' opinions on cars, so here's my dillema:

    I currently have an Audi A4, but I'm giving it to my brother because he just got a job and needs the transportation. I'm going to purchase a new one, but price is an issue with me. There are basically two brackets I'm looking into.

    1. European hatch model (20-25k): GTI, A3, Mini Cooper S
    2. Japanese Entry Sports: (25-30k): G35 6MT, 350Z, RX8

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about these? If I stick to model 1, in a few years I'd have more saving to bump up into something like an M3 or perhaps a Cayman. If I go with model 2, I'd have to stick with the car a little longer, due to a longer financing deal.

    Things I'm mostly conscerned about: handling, reliability, power/weight, resale value, fun-factor.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch!


    Re: Little Help:

    A friend just drove and has now ordered the new GTI - he says its felt 'more special' compared to the cooper S he was also considering.

    i would go for bracket 1 now - and get the new M3 or a cayman in a few yrs....

    Re: Little Help:

    only german car worth getting is a porshce. get a 350z or g35.
    cheaper.sexier.reliable(er).better resale value

    Re: Little Help:

    you can get a civic si for 20k i think with navigation, 200hp, 6 speed, lsd, sport tires on 17s. It is a great deal. This is coming from a 2005 acura rsx type-s owner and i love my car. It isn't the fastest or the grippiest but it give me a sense of involvement, fun and control, check those out if you want to save even more money on something I would actually choose over the z or the rx8

    Re: Little Help:


    Seriously think about a Subaru WRX STi, it's only a little more expensive than your suggested rice-burner range (added up with options-of which there are few, most items are standard-you should be able to get one well south of $35K), but it's a great car.

    The car has a 2.5L turbocharged flat four, with 300HP/300lb-ft of torque, it's AWD and gets from rest to 60mph in the upper 4's. I tested one a couple of years ago, and I liked it-I needed a four-door, AWD family sedan for the winter snow. I ended up going with an Audi S4 which I tuned with a Milltek exhaust/cat/downpipe and Oberscheider chip for 400HP but the WRX STi felt AS FAST. I was simply willing to pay more for the Audi-it had just a little more panache.

    The WRX STi also has giant Brembo brakes, a solid suspension, and traditional Scoobie reliability. Just remember to get the siver rims (the gold rims are not becoming of an upstanding citizen ).

    It would be a fine car to get you through law school, and perhaps by then, you'd be able to put down a deposit for the Cayman Turbo. . . .

    Re: Little Help:

    I'm very familiar with the STi Al. I know this kid who has a lightsout STi, races it frequently. I'm not a fan of the aesthetics, although quite impressed by the performance.

    I need something that speaks professionalism and class, not only performance. I won't buy a Civi Si, even though it is a burner. I won't get an STi because its too much of an investment without the level of class that I desire.

    Another alternative that I've been giving thought to is a used e36 m3. My friend who works for LNS Motorsports and does stuff for DTMPower has a pristine 96 M3. He gave me the basic overview of owning a used e36, and I drove his monster around (carbon fiber everywhere, aftermarket parts galore!). I'm merely worried about the maintenance costs, although I have friends who work at BMW dealers.

    Thanks for the suggestions, though. I'm closing in on the Cooper S, and perhaps I might shell out 4500 for the John Coopers Works package (boosts hp--> 207, increases performance and everything).

    I'm gonna test drive pretty much all of em, then I'll post pics and impressions.

    I talked to my dad and I might go test drive a 911 for [censored] and giggles. Gotta keep my motivation up

    Re: Little Help:

    I prefer the Mitsu EVO to the STI - much better steering and handling. New model (IX) just out...

    Re: Little Help:

    As do I. I have two friends with EVOs. Both put out over 300 to the wheels. I'm just not a fan of their aesthetic. I'm not a pure-performance person. I need practicality and image in a vehicle, not just performance (one of the reasons I like Porsches!)

    I've been looking at aftermarket upgrades for the Mini Cooper S. The John Cooper Works package seems ludicrously outpriced (raised form 4500 dollars to 6300 for some basic upgrades! What do you have to pay to keep a damn warranty!). Basically if I go with it, I might shill out a few thousand and upgrade the suspension, exhaust, pulley, boost on the charger, intake and flash ecu. I've been finding a lot of info online

    Re: Little Help:

    I'd go for the question about it. you should be able to find an 03 or 04 for 25-30k & its the classiest car of all the ones you named

    Re: Little Help:

    Grant said:
    I prefer the Mitsu EVO to the STI - much better steering and handling. New model (IX) just out...

    I'm glad it has your seal of approval, I'm thinking of getting a IX MR in gray. I like it because it's not just that it's faster than anything of comparable price, chances are it's more fun to drive, more responsive, and gives more feedback to the driver. It's not just fast, this four door is one of the best driver's cars.

    Re: Little Help:

    Hurst.... The Cooper is a excellent car... My girlfriend used to have the works one and it really is a very nice, fun car. Only crappy thing about it is the space issue. Other than that though, it's a VERY nice car.

    The GTi, no. I have a Golf 4 GTi at the moment and my brother has a 5 GTi. I honestly prefer my one to his. I REALLY think the car is hugely overated.

    Not sure if you'd be interested in it but another car that is nice IMO is the Renault Megane Sport. It really is a looker and the acceleration is very impressive. Thumping power, epecially from about 3500rpm up.

    Hope this helps and let us know about you're final decision and how its going

    Re: Little Help:

    What about the new Golf R32?

    Re: Little Help:

    Then how about a Bimmer? Something like the entry-level 3-series sedan, the 325i, they probably go for $30-35K. It certainly will be hard to get class AND performance for under $30K. . . .

    Re: Little Help:

    Beemer is definitely going to be looked at. Although the new e90s are quite ugly.

    The R32 is out of my price range. They are extrordinarily expensive (comparitively speaking ).

    Going to go test the g35 6mt tomorrow, have to hike an hour or so to test the Cooper. Thanks for the help everyone



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