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    Check engine light?

    Last night I was driving the turbo (2002 996TT - 36k miles) on the highway, when the check engine light went on. I turned around and brought her home. This morning as I was trying to turn on the car to take to the dealer, all I hear is a rapid clicking sound when I turn the ignition on, while all the dashlights blink on and off in sync with the clicking sound. I have also noticed that the clutch is extremely heavy. Any thoughts?

    I am waiting for my service guy to call back to figure out how to get him the car.

    Re: Check engine light?

    The first one sounds like the normal 'check engine' syndrome, caused by variations of atmospheric pressure in the gas tank that are at varience with emission control standards. If that's it, you can ignore it.

    The second sounds like a dead battery.

    The third? When did the clutch feel heavy? When it wasn't starting?


    Re: Check engine light?

    When I called the dealer this morning, he did not seem concerned about the check engine light. Told me to bring it in, so he could hook it up to determine what had triggered, and to then set up an appointment later on. The manual refers to the check engine light as something as you described, probably a gas filler cap issue, or muffler issue.

    However when I went to turn on the car, I got the clicking as described. I thought it might be battery, but everything works in the car, I closed the sunroof, radio, windows, lights all work. What I thought was odd, was the clock on the dashboard was reset to 12.

    Clutch, just noticed it this morning, had never been heavy in the past.

    Still waiting for my call back.

    Re: Check engine light?

    If you pump the clutch enough times without the car running it can get "heavy".

    Re: Check engine light?

    I don't know the answer, but just because you can use the electrical items in your car does not mean there is enough juice for it to turn over. P-cars need a lot of juice to turn! Jump it!

    Re: Check engine light?

    Dock (Atlanta) said:
    If you pump the clutch enough times without the car running it can get "heavy".

    That's right. The Turbo has a servo-assisted clutch. But the servo is only effective if you can get the engine to run!

    Re: Check engine light?

    If the dash lights were blinking on/off when you were trying to start it, then I think it's because of the battery. The battery may have drained somehow (radar detector plugged into lighter ie), or the alternator may be shot.

    Re: Check engine light?

    I jumped the car this morning, and drove it over to the dealer. They will be chekcing alternator and check engine light. Clutch felt fine after engine started. It looks like a battery, but quite coincendental that check engine lights comes on and car will not start one day later.

    Re: Check engine light?

    Sounds like a loose ground (electrical grounding).



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