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    Slight scratch on the roof of my new car

    There is a very slight scratch on the roof of my new car. I doubt anyone would really notice it, but it's there all the same. I have asked the dealer to try and get rid of it, but it's still there. He is very apologetic and said that he will discuss with his manager as to what to do next.

    Question is, what should I expect? Obviously I would like the car to be perfect, but I don't want the whole roof resprayed just because of a scratch that you can only see if you get really close (I'd take a picture of it if it wasn't for my car being back at the dealers having the gear linkage adjusted )

    What would you guys do?

    Re: Slight scratch on the roof of my new car

    If it's deep, I have seen they do a slight airbrushing job and polish it and you can't even tell where the scratch was. I wouldn't worry about it a bit just enjoy the car.

    Re: Slight scratch on the roof of my new car

    I had a little mark on the front left quarter panel and also something on the front bumper. Anyway they repainted both and you can not tell at all. I was hung up on the fact that I'd be living with a respray but after, it was no big deal. I'd get it redone, make sure it's a top notch paint shop.

    Trust the dealer? I don't know.

    yes let them work on it BUT ask them in detail how they intend to fix it. I guess at the dealership There are good ways and quick-and-dirty ways of making a fix. Maybe find out for yourself the best paint shop in your area and let them advise you, possibly fix it, and send the bill to the dealer. They will like that maybe because it might get them future business, they will probably not overcharge the dealer either. Just a few ideas.

    Re: Trust the dealer? I don't know.

    Thanks for advice. Ron - don't worry, I am enjoying the car!

    I think I will get them to touch it up rather than my local bodyshop (who are good, but only give Nissan Micras out as loan cars!) At least then I can make a fuss if the quality is not up to scratch (so to speak).

    Shame they didn't spot this in the PDI - I could do without the trips to and from the dealership...

    Re: Slight scratch on the roof of my new car

    Depending on how deep it is, (whether it went through the clear coat and color coat to the primer) they might be able to color sand and buff it out. Find a high end body shop or detailing shop and ask them what they recommend. I had a scratch that was color sanded and buffed and it looked great afterward.



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