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    Seat options for GT3


    I'm new here, and hoping someone has had more luck deciphering the GT3 order guide than I have.

    First, are the manual seats infinitely adjustable in height and fore/aft position, like the fully electric adaptive sport seats? Or are they limited to certain preset positions, like on my previous Toyota?

    Second, how do Options 28 and 78 actually differ? Does Black Full Leather (78) have additional alcantara on the doors and center console that is not in the standard interior? And, depending on where you read, Black Leather Seats (28) are said to be either leather or leatherette with alcantara inserts. Which is it?


    Re: Seat options for GT3

    Welcome and congratulations on your choice of automobile. I recently had an opportunity to compare the manual and adaptive sport seats in two cars and found that the manual seat did not give me the height adjustment that was provided by the adaptive seat. It tilts from the rear, rather than lifting straight up and also, I didn't really care for the adjustment lever. As a result of that comparison, I chose the adaptive seat option. Some will argue that they are heavier and have more things to go wrong but man they are awesome to sit in and have infinite adjustability.

    Yes, option 78 does have additional alcantara on the doors and lid of the center console; option 28 gives you leather seats with alcantara inserts and you still get alcantara on the shift lever, brake handle and steering wheel.

    Hope that helps... what color are you getting?

    Re: Seat options for GT3


    Thanks for the info. I think I will opt for the adaptive seats as well. Still undecided on full leather, but leaning toward it.

    Color-wise, either white or GT silver.


    Re: Seat options for GT3

    I struggled with the same decisions and settled on Carrara White with Ceramic Brakes, Bi-Xenon Headlights, Adaptive Sport Seats and Nav. The order was submitted on August 17th (for a November build) and so far I have not woken up in a cold sweat over any of my choices. Obviously, this is all very subjective and eveyone will have an opinion but I carefully selected options that are appropriate for me. The color dilemma came down to Slate or White but GT Silver would have been high on the list, if I had not owned five previous cars in Silver... time for a change!

    Re: Seat options for GT3

    Sounds great. You'll see your car long before mine.

    Will you do without the full leather, sport chrono, and upgraded sound system?

    Re: Seat options for GT3

    what does sports crono do in the GT3?
    do you guys bother with center consul leather and door finisher leather? makes it more nice but expensive, also switch panel leather

    Re: Seat options for GT3

    The GT3 is the only current 911 that allows you to have the 'sport' button without the clock (or 'dash wart', as some people call it). Full leather may appeal to some.. I like the standard interior in this car; and the 415 HP sound system will do just fine!

    Re: Seat options for GT3


    Sport chrono in the GT3 is nothing but a clock.
    I'm somewhat undecided on leather options, but less is probably better in this car.

    Re: Seat options for GT3

    If you specify Option "18", Natural Leather, do you receive everything that is included in Option "78" Full Leather? Thanks!




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