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    Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    Are warranties and/or maintenance plans impacted by track days?  (I'm assuming you don't do any damage on the day - but what if you did..?)Smiley

    Is there a difference between the impact of the warranty and the impact on an extended maintenance plan (I presume 3 or 5 year Porsche maintenance plans are offered worldwide?)Smiley

    Do the rules differ across countries?  Across dealerships?

    Has anyone experienced "surprises"..?  Accusations like "sorry, we reckon this was tracked..?"Smiley    Does anyone actually go to the trouble of taking off/covering up the number plate?  Is this treated as very dodgy practice, or sensible...?  I've heard insurance companies send people to track days and take notes... 

    I've seen posts on insurance policies, but not on warranties/extended maintenance plans, so was wondering...

    Do Porsche encourage or discourage track days?  Do they sponsor Porsche club track days in most places?


    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    Porsche organizes quite a lot of trackdays, so I'd be surprised if they'd be too picky about warranty (as long as you're attending one of their own trackdays!)...

    You'll find some of these trackdays here (in the US, UK and Germany).

    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

     My advice is to have a good relationship with your dealer. 



    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    Actually, Nicks advice is very sound.  All new cars have little black boxes that gather all types of information.   Including RPM's, how long the engine is sustained at the RPM's, how many time's it hit the rev limiter.   I stopped selling Porsches 7 years ago, but I knew my Porsche reps very well and when it comes to a warranty claim, they could bury you.  I would not be surprised if they could tell you G loads, GPS coordinates,  shock loads.   If you think about it any technology that is on a race car could easily be on a road car.  After all there are many microprocessors on the car already and it would simply be a matter of putting the proper gauge to measure it on the car.  The dealership personel could pave a smoother road for you if they 1) have a good relationship with their rep 2) have a good relationship with you. 3) did you purchase from the dealership.

    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    I can only vouch for the situation in South Africa (which, I guess, is most relevant to you).  The official line from Porsche is that any track use will invalidate your warranty - not so sure about the service plan, but I assume the same would apply.

    This rule appears to have been applied quite leniently until a couple of years ago, with the OPC actually sponsoring some of the local Porsche Club's track days (or "driver training" days, as they prefer to call them).  About 2 years ago, an arranged driver-training day was cancelled at the last moment - with the reason given that the OPC had withdrawn its support due to the warranty issue.

    Since then, the local Porsche Club has arranged all its own driver-training days, with sponsorship from tyre companies and the like - and no presence or representation from Porsche.  My sense is that it works largely on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis - i.e. as long as you don't tell them about your track exploits, they won't ask you about them.  However, I wouldn't vouch for your chances of success if you tried to claim under warranty for any damage and/or abnormal wear clearly caused by track use. Smiley

    On the insurance issue, any damage sustained during a track outing will not be covered by your comprehensive insurance policy (read the fine print).  It may be possible to arrange specific cover via a specialist insurer, at a cost, but I haven't put this to the test yet.

    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    I seriously doubt that driving your Porsche on a track affects the warranty in any form. That would not make any sense, especially for a company that has such a racing heritage and continuously use this in their marketing. We are talking Porsche here, not Datsun 

    I have tracked my cars a fair bit in the past few years and had a number of things replaced on warranty, e.g. water pump, fuel pump, etc.


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    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    It would be pretty inconsistent if going on a track day invalidated a warranty when the Porsche Sport Driving School itself organises track days e.g. Hockenheim, Leipzig etc.

    'Buy our car, give us further business via PSDS but your warranty is toast'. I'm sure that's not how it is intended to work.


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    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    As I said, I can only only speak to the situation in South Africa.  It's neither right nor good, but I can assure you that this is the policy applied by Porsche in this country.

    Sadly, there is no PSDS in this part of the world.  Smiley

    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    The drive plan is definitely invalidated in SA, so it's both... Drive plan and warranty. I agree pure blue- it's not good nor right, but that's how it is here... I'm surprised I can't find more on the SA situation on the various blogs and forums. Maybe because most people just take the chance, and therefore don't make a big deal of it. Think that's a good call...

    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

    Quite right.  Once you get your GTS and join us for Porsche Club track days at Killarney, you'll see that there are lots of owners who simply ignore the policy - but I wouldn't mention it anywhere near Century City.  Smiley


    (Century City is the location of the local OPC, for those who may not have got the reference).

    Re: Track Days and warranties/extended maintenance plans

     The Porsche warrantee is a world wide one. so I do find this very strange. Maybe SA does not respect the real contract. i would have a lawyer look into it.

    Anyway, if you car brake down under warranty in SA , you should be able to have it fixed in any other part of the world .


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