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    Need input: Looking for Audi RS4 or S4

    Im in the process of getting a second car, and the Audi RS4 or S4 (1999-2001 models) look interesting.

    Apart from the obvious fact that loads of BHP + lots of KM may equal worn down car, what else should I look for?
    And what exactly should I notice regarding wear and tear (apart from brakes, sounds, tires and the more obvious things) ?
    Can the engine last 150.000+ km?

    Any tips would be appreciated.

    Re: Need input: Looking for Audi RS4 or S4

    Huh... Hard one. Most of the S4 and RSr from that period are tuned in some way and this is not a good thing. If you really want car with 2.7L V6 biturbo look for S4/RS4 in original condition(Hp like, original wheels and so on...) with maximally 100.000km on clock. If run normally engine should last 200000km with regular BELT changes. Also turbos are pretty reliable(without tuning). RS4 engines are also very good since they were bild to tighter specs then S4 ones.
    Why not S4(4.2L V8) from 2003 or 2004? Price will be on the same level as very good RS4 from 2000/2001...

    Re: Need input: Looking for Audi RS4 or S4

    KresoF1 said:
    Why not S4(4.2L V8) from 2003 or 2004? Price will be on the same level as very good RS4 from 2000/2001...

    If I recall correctly, the B6 S4 had significantly better crash tests than the B5 S4. And having driven the B6 S4 sedan 6-speed manual, I can say its gearshift is equally smooth as a Honda. I was shocked that a German car could have such a buttery smooth shift feel. And equally shocking was the stiff brake pedal feel on a car with sliding-piston calipers. In addition, I liked the button-free, thick, three-spoke steering wheel -- rack and pinion and good weight. Unless I am mistaken, the V8 was smooth all the way up to 7k rpm and was easier to blip than the E39 M5.

    The only downside of the driving experience was, for my foot size, the brake pedal is placed so high and is so stiff compared to the position of the accelerator pedal that I found it almost impossible to heel and toe/toe and toe. Once, my foot slipped off the brake because I was trying hard to reach the accelerator. I would have had to charge into the braking zone at, I'm guessing, 20-40 mph higher than usual in order to exert enough pressure to significantly close the distance between the two pedals.

    One possible solution, it seems, is to buy the RS4 pedal cover. It slips on top of the existing S4 accelerator pedal :

    Re: Need input: Looking for Audi RS4 or S4

    Take a look at - there are plenty of people there who'll help you, and many with high mileage B5 RS4s. They will probably tell you high mileage is ok, but only if the car has been maintained.

    AFAIK, one guy there has a 150K mile RS4...

    Re: Need input: Looking for Audi RS4 or S4

    Thanks guys!!

    Re: Need input: Looking for Audi RS4 or S4

    You're welcome, Dr.



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