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    Any Photos of Atlas Grey?

    The thread with the (great looking) Slate Grey/Terracotta combination got me wondering about this other grey option that doesn't seem so common.

    Re: Any Photos of Atlas Grey?

    Check my posting on rennlist under dirt/atlas grey/black C2. I'll post some pics of my dirty car here as soon as my daughter gets off the computer that has the pics on it. I'll also try to post some clean pics as soon as this rain stops.

    Re: Any Photos of Atlas Grey?

    Atlas Grey is a great color! Here is a good shot of a 996 in it....

    Re: Any Photos of Atlas Grey?

    Ah yes...Kansas Porsche.

    Re: Any Photos of Atlas Grey?

    Here is another photo.

    Interesting color

    But I have to say (and guys please don't take this the wrong way!) that it's really hard to discern what shades/highlights this color gives off?

    MikeN - Your photo seems to indicate a bit of a blueish/dark green tinge to the basic dark grey color. I see this in the rear fender especially.

    KenH - Your photo reminods me of old my Midnight blue 996C2 in that from certain angles, photos seem to give the illusion of a black car.

    Would you guys say this color is really in the grey family or is it more of a dark blue? Also, what color interiors did you go with? I like the idea of a warm brown but sand beige seems too light and terracotta would be to dark.


    Re: Interesting color

    In my opninon Atlas is about 95% dark grey and 5% blue....much more of a grey than blue. Interior colors I think would great would be....

    Natural Grey
    Stone Grey
    Sea Blue

    I really don't like any Beige/Brown color with Slate Grey which kinda has a brownish tint to it looks great with Beige/Brown/Terracotta

    Re: Interesting color

    I chose Atlas Grey because I really wanted a metallic black but at the time the PCNA web site did not list one and it was the nearest I could get. I later found out that it was a mistake on the website (which may still be there).
    In my opinion it is a very, very dark grey that sometimes looks almost black. It may be that it has some blue component but I have never seen it as a blue. Like all metallics it reflects the surounding colours so never looks exactly the same twice.

    Thanks guys

    Very helpful to see your pictures and hear your perspectives on this unique color. I do like the fact that it seems to be one of the more rare colors out there.

    I guess I'd have to see it first hand to see if NBL would work with it or not. I think NBL goes great with midnight blue and offers a nice contrast and I've seen a number of Ferraris in Titanium with natural interiors which look fantastic (of course they were Ferraris!).

    I love the idea of a bold contrast between exterior and interior without looking totally gaudy or tacky. Atlas with grey or black just seem a bit too predictable to me.

    One thing I would do though is go with deviating carpets of black or dark grey.

    Re: Thanks guys

    One thing about Atlas is that when the car is not very clean it blends into the background and becomes somewhat anonymous.
    Which suits me as I have rather too many speeding tickets.
    But others may not have the same perspective.



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