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    In US sunroof is standard for both 997 and 997S. A saleman said the car would look better without the sunroof. I agree with him because I like the look of a GT3 without a sunroof. I welcome any advices from this forum. I don't know if it is possible to order a 997S without sunroof.

    Re: Sunroof

    Yes; it's option code 652: Delete Sunroof. I'm deleting it on my order for the increase in headroom...

    Re: Sunroof

    I've driven one with and one without. Have to say I much prefer it without - more headroom and neater looking. In addition, the sunroof itself is very small and as far as I could see it didn't have one touch operation.

    Re: Sunroof

    The sunroof does have one-touch operation - see page 148 of the owners manual.

    Re: Sunroof

    I'm 6'1" and with my standard seats + power I have a good 4" of headroom and I'm not even on the lowest setting. How tall are you guys and what seat do you have/want?

    It's option code 652 - RESALE VALUE DELETE !!!!

    MOST people will want a sunroof - so if you're planning on selling it you may want to consider that as well....

    Re: Sunroof

    brt3 said:
    Yes; it's option code 652: Delete Sunroof. I'm deleting it on my order for the increase in headroom...

    Spend the money on adaptive sport seats and you can keep the sunroof. Even with a helmet!

    I'm 6'4" (1,93 m), so I'm sensitive to this exact concern and have ordered sunroof-delete options on my previous 993TT and 996TT for this very reason. I tried a 997S with adaptive sport seats. It had so much headroom that I saw no reason to delete the sunroof again when the time comes for a 997TT order.


    Are you 6'7" or taller?

    Re: Sunroof

    Get the sunroof just for the sake of resale value, that's what I was told by my dealer.

    Re: Sunroof

    How much is the cost to delete the sunroof?

    You gotta be kidding.

    The car is covered with kerf lines (the gaps between body panels). It's insane to single out the sunroof as a big way to make the car look better. The salesman who said the car would look better without the sunroof is probably just trying to give the impression that he's really keenly aware of all those sensitive issues than only a TRUE Porsche enthusiast would appreciate. He's just BSing.

    Look at that diagonal kerf line from the back bumper to the fender. If they thought the car would look better with fewer, or less emphasis on, kerf lines they would have made it straight. Or, better: they would have eliminated it.

    A small tradeoff: no enjoyment of a sunroof inexchange for a truely insignificant change in appearance.

    Re: Sunroof

    kl997s said:
    How much is the cost to delete the sunroof?

    I think it's free

    Re: Sunroof + Adaptive Sport Seats (A.S.S. ?)


    Yes -- I'm exactly 6'7" tall. I was planning on deleting the sunroof on my order because -- with the standard seats -- there was not much room between my head and the headliner. Gotta find a 997 on a dealer lot with the adaptive sport seats and see exactly how much headroom is gained. I was surprised to hear how the ASS (how's that for an acronym?) adds headroom; usually electically operated seats have so much of the mechanism underneath that they often DECREASE headroom. I used to fit perfectly in the Toyota LandCruiser; once they (and Lexus) went to the fancier seats I could no longer fit. HUGE difference, as in I would actually have a tough time even driving it.

    For the other question about cost -- it's a zero cost option, as in NO, they don't give us a refund if we delete the sunroof...

    Re: Sunroof + Adaptive Sport Seats (A.S.S. ?)

    brt3 said:
    I was surprised to hear how the ASS (how's that for an acronym?) adds headroom; usually electically operated seats have so much of the mechanism underneath that they often DECREASE headroom.

    That's what I would have assumed as well.

    I swear that the ASSes go much lower than I was able to go in the standard seats.

    By all means, check out the ASS option for yourself.

    Re: You gotta be kidding.

    I had sunroof on my 996TT and it always has shaking sound. If I order a Porsche again, I will delete it for sure. Also it's not very often to open, so it doesn't really make a big impact.

    Re: Sunroof + Adaptive Sport Seats (A.S.S. ?)

    So, you're saying I need to get my ASS into a new 997? And, BTW, can anyone give me a list of Porsche acronyms ASAP?



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