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    Rusty Discs

    There's an article in this weeks Auto Express watchdog section about someone who had to have his discs replaced on his 18 month old Boxster S due to corrosion - Porsche Warranty wouldn't cover it but the OPC met some of the labour costs.

    I had a similar issue with mine at 2 years/18k miles - after much arguing and support from the dealer Porsche supplied discs free of charge and my OPC met half the labour costs. (And yes, I was sad enoguh to drive the car each time I'd washed it to dry the discs as per the manual)

    I was wondering has anyone else encountered this problem? be interesting to get some numbers. The mag said that there may be a case for a recall, I wonder if I would then have recourse to claim back my money?

    BTW I understand the composition of the discs on the 987 has been changed, and I'm still etting another one despite having had this problem in the past....

    Re: Rusty Discs

    I have a similar problem on my 996 and some of my friends too - but only in winter!

    If my car is not used for a week (which happens from time to time) the brake pads glue to the discs so hard, that I almost have to fry my clutch to get going. The car has been in the shop to investigate but my mechanic claims that all cars with perforated discs suffer from this problem :-(
    I believe it is down to the inferior quality of the disk material used.

    This is THE reason why I was keen to get PCCB for my next car.


    Re: Rusty Discs

    All my cars have had some surface rust on the discs when they've been left standing for a while, but in this case it was enough to feel vibration under even light braking - they were seriously corroded. The guy in the article described his as "having chunks missing"!! Whilst I'd prefer no rust I can't justify the PCCB option... do like the yellow calipers though - red is just sooooo last week

    Re: Rusty Discs

    Does anyone know if PCCB are easily retro-fittable on the 987S ? I've not specced them, due to the stupid cost, but you never know...

    Re: Rusty Discs

    wtsnet said:
    Does anyone know if PCCB are easily retro-fittable on the 987S ? I've not specced them, due to the stupid cost, but you never know...

    If they were they would be even MORE expensive. If you like yellow brake calipers buy a tin of Humbrol

    Re: Rusty Discs

    Hmm, Like I'd buy a car for the colour of the calipers!

    Handling imrovements due to less unsprung mass are supposed to be quite noticable... in addition to the non-rusting benefits! Read somewhere (AutoCar?) that a 997 with PCCB was a nicer drive than a 997S... which makes me curious about the PCCB.

    You're probably right, they'd be even MORE expensive as a retro-fit. I was just wondering if it was easily done.

    Re: Rusty Discs

    In Germany you can buy PCCB through Porsche Tequipment (for the 997 only so far). The price is Euro 12,876 vs. Euro 7,830 when you order the car with PCCB.

    I don't see a reason why this should not be the same for the 987S (provided that you run wheels big enough for the PCCB to fit)

    Re: Rusty Discs

    So if you were that fanatical about PCCB it would be CHEAPER to sell your existing 987 and buy a new one with PCCB. Even with considerable depreciation, that hopefully won't happen. I am not Michael Schumaker so I'll stick with the standard brakes, rust and all.

    Re: Rusty Discs

    Yup - exactly the same experience. Left my 986S parked with the handbrake on after a long journey on wet, salty roads. Didn't drive it for five days, and when I returned the rear pads were stuck to the discs and corroded. Managed to break then free, but they were never the same afterwards. The brakes were dry when I left them, but they corroded anyway.

    My OPC skimmed them at the next service and this did improve matters, but on the whole they never recovered.

    Also, when I came to trade the car in against my new 997S, the dealer of course knew about the brake problems, and used this as a reason to further reduce their bid. They claimed that as an OPC they couldn't resell a car with a history of brake corrosion (even if it is a design flaw), and would therefore need to replace all four rotors.



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