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    997S vs GALLARDO on track

    Hi evrybody,

    Italian car magazine quatrroruote(the most attendable)september issue pages 170-171 made a direct confrontation on track between 997S and is what came out.

    lap times
    997S 1'20"737 at an average spped of 114.20 km/h
    gallardo 1'19"361 average speed 116.10km/h.

    the article also says that the 997S lap time is better than the 996turbo.

    BTW;997S was setup with -20mm and pccb.
    just like RC's...

    what surprised me is altough the huge power differnce,the 997S is slower by "only" 1second...

    would like to read some comments.

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    Impressive, just imagine when the 997Turbo comes out
    But what track was it?

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    Although I suspect that 996TT lap time cited was probably from yrs back w/no X50, X73, etc....I would bet 996TTS w/X73 and X74 (and includes X50 and PCCB 2.0) is more accurate benchmark to use....and given 996TTS is based on a now 4-5 yo chassis, etc the 997TTS should be phenomenal (and prob w/sequential tranny)

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    it doent say it in the article,but i think this car magazine uses vallelunga circuit.somewhere near milano.

    i wish i could post here the hole article.i still didnt learn how to.

    the car magazine gave a 91/100 vote to the 997S.they voted 5 stars to the following.(out of five)

    6)brakes(they voted 5golden stars for the pccb)

    and carlos quattroruote magazine is a real tough one.
    they dont give away 5 star votes like popcorn...

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track


    probably you right,when the 997tt will come out,every other sport car will get BLOWN away...

    all will be gone as magic.puff...........

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    Puff? Popcorn? What's going on...

    Avedon, how come you read Autoroute in Spain? I just know, that Car&Driver has a Spanish mag - probably not as good as Autoroute, is it?

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    impressive...1 second slower with 145 bhp less..really wow...cant wait for the 997tt

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track italian slang means disapearing. like saying you gotta earn it...

    but anyway...

    i never heard of autoroute.and i dont like reading car&driver magazine.

    i have quattroruote(means for wheels)subscription that ariives to me from italy along with EVO italian issue.
    i am sure if quattroruote had an english version you would love it.they are very professional and detailed.
    unless you know italian...

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    No parlo italiano. Scusi, signore...

    I am trying desperately to improve my Spanish, so Italian shouldn't be a problem then.

    Sorry, I was referring to Quattroruote. I just picked up a copy of C&D last time I was in Spain (already a while ago - unfortunately).
    Is the Italian EVO mag as good as the English one?

    Buena notte e noche!

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    its easier from italian to spanish than vice versa.

    and yes,EVO in italian version is superb.very nice written.

    but quattroruote is my first love.i have all the issues since i was 14.

    20 years have passed...

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    The 997 with 20 mm suspension/LSD and PCCB has a huge advantage on tracks where power and speed don't really give you an advantage. I was impressed how easy I managed to do 1 min 23 seconds on the Kleiner Kurs in Hockenheim, there were other cars too on the track and it was my first track time in the 997 Carrera S, obtaining this time in the third and last lap.

    I also heard from a VERY reliable source that a black 997 Carrera S with 20 mm option and PCCB made some GT3 and other nice sports cars look pretty bad on the Nordschleife at an event last weekend. The guy who told me drives himself a modified GT3, he was almost speechless.

    Just can't wait to read the upcoming SPORT AUTO test.

    Re: 997S vs GALLARDO on track

    RC said: an event last weekend. The guy who told me drives himself a modified GT3, he was almost speechless.

    Just can't wait to read the upcoming SPORT AUTO test.

    Was it someone attending this forum once in a while...?

    Have you heard any news when the SA review will come out? Have they done the Nordschleife test already?




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