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    997/S in white

    Anyone seen one in white or does anyone have any scans of a white 997/S out in the wild so to speak.

    I was looking at some Porsche mags last night and there were a couple of shots of original 911's in white. It looked terrific, and really "clean". It had me wondering whether white might be an interesting alternative to silver/gray.

    Thoughts? What color interior would work best? Any good scans of a white 997 to share?


    Re: 997/S in white

    Le Chef, not great shots but you get some idea...

    Re: 997/S in white

    Personally I think white looks great but not in the carrera because it doesn't have enough contrast items so as not to make it too uniform or plain, like the GT3RS which has the painted wheels and stickers which make a beautuful package as a whole.

    Re: 997/S in white

    Porsches "current" standard white is very stark and cold looking.

    Porsches older shade of white named "light ivory" is a lot, lot warmer looking (google up a white 917 see it). Its $4200 to get it on a 997.

    To get contrasting bits you could order a black interior, the black rear wiper and optional roof mounted black AM antennae. Maybe wheels with black painted spokes and centers would do the trick also.

    Re: 997/S in white

    I sure don't want to sound sexist or stupid, but usually I see women driving the white cars. Maybe it's just me but I don't notice any guys driving them. Something to ponder.

    Re: 997/S in white

    I've been hearing everywhere that "white" is the new "silver" (which I mean as a good thing!). I think it looks fantastic actually.

    Re: 997/S in white

    Looks great imo and it's also a very "clean" color too. Great for people who spend their time driving and not washing their car I once saw a white 996 C4S and it stunned me.

    Re: 997/S in white

    what, white shows dirt easier than black i think

    White is the new silver

    That may be so. Look at iPods and Powerbooks. White was never a color people wanted on their laptops and MP3 players, now look!

    I still think white is a brave move on a 997S - it really needs a GT3 spoiler kit to give it some edge.

    Re: 997/S in white

    AndrewSS said:
    what, white shows dirt easier than black i think

    If you ever owned a black car you wouldn't say that. Black is beautiful when clean, but you can start to see dust on a black car within minutes of washing it. Black also shows swirls in the paint. Dried rain on a black car is ugly....on a white car it disappears (unless it is combined with mud, that is a different story...that would look bad on either color) White is a very forgiving color, that is whay you see so many large vehicles such as trucks and SUV's in white. You can't easily see dust or swirls on a white car. Also it is easy to touch up nicks on white.

    White is a little plain on a 997 coupe, but I recently saw a 996 cab in white and thought it looked great. Maybe it needs the contrast of the cab top.

    I have had both colors and white is for sure the easier to maintain.


    Re: 997/S in white

    my friend has white one with blue interior. looks great, i wish i can post pictures but I don't know how?

    Re: 997/S in white

    reply to the post and them as a attatchment



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