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    Re: nberry - that's lame - if you have an opinion good or ba

    i find nberry to be a very interesting contributor, such a die hard porsche hater/ferrari cultist even though he owns a porsche as well.

    as for the two brands, they used to be in very close competition, but today, i believe they are separated by the price factor, and limited produciton on the ferrari makes them much rarer and harder to buy new (which is a MUST for some people - ie. me)

    Re: nberry - that's lame - if you have an opinion good or ba

    nberry said:
    Make no mistake. I plan to remain part of this board but in a different capacity. I will not kiss up to Porsche, Ferrari or any other car manufacturer. If my 430 is a bust you will be the first to hear. Hopefully we will know in a couple months.

    Well, you liked your F360, didn't you? So why should I expect you to bash the F430 which is a much superior product? You're in the same "mission" as I am with one difference: you bash the 911 but you don't own one. And I would be very surprised if you already testdrove a 997 to be able to make those weird assumptions you made in earlier posts.

    I really don't understand your point, Nick: you're posting on a Porsche forum, provoking a lot of people. Some of your claims might have some truth in them from your point of view. But if you're not interested in buying a 911, why loosing your time here, I just don't get it. I mean I could spend hours per day bashing BMWs, Audis, VWs and other cars on other car forums but the question is: for what purpose? It doesn't make sense.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that you're somehow trying to "sabotage" the discussions on and a few weeks ago, I really couldn't find a reason why somebody would do that. It came to our attention that some of our Users get private messages and/or mails from people who try to lure them to other forums. Unbelievable? Yes.
    The more you make your claims in the Porsche forums, the more I start to think that you're really up to something.
    If you own a 997 and you don't like it, you have all the right to post it here. If you own a 997 and you have problems with it, you have all the right to report about it here. But why posting here if you don't own a 997 or don't intend to buy one in the future? Are you on a missionary mission to "save" people from buying a 911? I don't get it, honestly. Freedom of speech? So how would you like it if I start making claims about your family, without even knowing it. Oh well, your wife might be beautiful but... You get my point. PLEASE stop what you're doing, you're just offending a lot of people and the number of Users who asked me to ban you permanently hasn't diminuished over the past months.

    We all got your point, you think the 911 is an outdated dinosaur. You made your point, everybody understood it and I think it is time to move on.

    And if you think I wouldn't dare to ban you permanently because I might (still doubtful) create an outrage among some Users or the whole community, you're wrong.
    Why? Because we don't care. We put a lot of money, time and passion into and we won't allow certain individuals to sabotage this. If you want to bash your F360 or F430, you're free to do that in the Ferrari forum. You want to speak out your outrage regarding your Cayenne S? Fine, use the Cayenne forum. Freedom of speech as much as you want but no more provocations on the Porsche sports car forums. You can do that on 6speedonline or Rennlist, I'm sure they appreciate it a lot. Case closed and so is this thread.



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