We are thinking of selling the beauty...SmileySmiley Mss doesn't like it at all... She misses the comfort of an electrical roof and the car is far too noisy on long runs on the motorway.... When driving open, it's too windy in the cabin...

I can't say she has no point.

But to me , It's by far the most thrilling porsche i had. From a driver's point of view, i find it just stupifying, bloody gorgeous... I like it utmost... but my other half ...

So when you know interested people, give a buzz.  It's not really decided yet, but i presume we will sell it in the end... and i will be wheaping... that's 100% sure SmileySmileySmileySmiley

 Very sorry to hear that beltar Smiley . Much like the situation we had with the Cayman back in 2010. I loved it but SWMBO hated everything about it - in particular the harder ride (no PASM unlike all our other Porsches) and no comfort seats. I looked longingly at the Spider when it was introduce, would have been my ultimate Boxster especially with carbon bucket seats but realised it would be a total no-no for The Boss, I didn't want another Cayman debacle! Smiley We achieved the compromise between sporty, comfort, sound and practicality absolutely spot on with the GTS thankfully. We had long debates about seat choices on this car, I was convinced she'd want the 18 way adaptive seats but when she tried them she found the seat backs too tight even with the sides on the widest setting. After we'd bought the car she sat in another car with adaptive and decided they were better...Smiley But she lives ok with the standard seats thankfully......Smiley SWMBO always has trouble finding a car seat she likes finds Volvo V40 has the most comfortable car seats she has ever experienced! Smiley

My 7,000 post - just reached the count before so much got lost with the RT data issue, including my collection and post collection GTS threads....Smiley



Porsche Boxster GTS Carrara white / Volvo V40 R Design daily drive