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    Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    I posted a while ago that I had a strange creaking noise in my 997. I have been to the dealer and they were unable to establish a cause for it.

    Has anybody elso got this problem?
    As I pull away from a standing start there is a creaking/straining noise coming from low down in the car I would say somewhere below and behind the seats. I'm not sure if the noise is inside the cabin or underneath the car. The noise sounds just like the noise of a seat creaking under your weight as the car pulls forwards but it definatley isn't the seats as I can't recreate it by jumping up and down in the seats when car is stationary
    It sounds like metal straining and I feel maybe as if something isn't quite tightened up correctly.

    It's not that loud and you can't hear it on the move only while pulling away but it's loud enough to drive me nuts!. If the stereo is on you can't hear it but when I'm in stop start traffic with the stereo off it drives me nuts!

    Any body else got this or have any idea what this may be?

    Apart from this annoying issue I'm just run in and I must say this car is fantastic!

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    No clue. Mine has a few irritating noises too. I try not to focus on it and will take it in when I get enough of them and or can't stand it anymore. I'm sure a lot of this will work itself out.

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    For what it's worth, I has a similar problem with my M3. It was the emergency brake cable. Silicone spray worked for a while, until the roads got wet. The dealer suggested pulling the emergency brake handle up one notch. Presto! No problems since. It's worth a try. Good luck

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    Do you mean the handbrake? I've tried that and no fix.

    The best way I can desribe the noise is it is just like a heavy door opening and the hinges need oiling - except slightly higher pitched!

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    Bit of a long shot I guess but some of the guys over on the BMW E60 board have had problems with a squeaking noise around the lower seat area. It turned out to be the seat belt retainer chaffing against part of the seat base. They either sprayed WD40 on it or put a small piece of cloth between the two rubbing surfaces to cure it.

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    I had a squeaking noise in both my 996TT's ('01 coupe & '04 cab) that turned out to be a plastic bearing in the pedal assembly. I can't remember whether it was the gas pedal or the clutch.

    Some silicone lubricant fixed it for a long time.

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    I did mean the handbrake. Sorry it didn't work. I really have no idea what else it can be. Rotors? It would drive me nuts. Good Luck!

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    Nope it's not the pedals either. Only when the car is pulling away. I can't recreate it by releasing the clutch, etc when stationary. The sound is behind the seats and very low down - not sure if inside the cabin or underneath the car.

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    I had a slight creaking noise in the console aft of the emergency brake that seemed to be activated by acceleration. When I accelerated, the slight torque on the chassis would cause this creak as if something was flexing in that area. After gently pulling off the rubber mat in the storage compartment between the seats, I found four screws and proceeded to loosen them. While they were loose, I tested for the creak and it was gone. The fix was then to remove the screws completely, shoot WD40 all around, and tighten them back up. Creak is now gone. Otherwise the interior is very tight and a quantum leap better than my 04 996 was with regard to buzzes, squeaks, creaks, and rattles. Hope it will stay tight with age.

    Whenever I've heard creaking noises in one of my Porsches I


    Re: Whenever I've heard creaking noises in one of my Porsches I

    Just a suggestion. Some dealers have a tool called electronic chasis ears. The ears are mounted in verious locations and monitored while driving to narrow down the location of the noise. Eventualy they should be able to find the problem.

    You could also try riding in the back while somebody else drives and see if you can locate the noise inside the cabin. I've had to do this on my BMW.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.


    Re: Whenever I've heard creaking noises in one of my Porsches I

    If it only occurs under acceleration, and you'd be having a hard time investigating a sound while speeding up, maybe you can recreate the sound and thus locate it by doing this:
    Park on a very steep street, ramp or similar. Id suggest shutting off the engine and letting the car roll back a bit before stopping it with the handbrake. I know this causes in no way near as much strain on the chassis etc as pulling away, but it might just recreate the sound for you to locate it.

    It sounds too me as if it's something that gets pushed back during accel. that causes the noise.
    It may well be the seats or the seat rails, you just cant hear that when the car is stationary. Try adding weight/pushing the seat backwards, not down.

    If that doesnt work, just trash the car, ok?

    Re: Whenever I've heard creaking noises in one of my Porsche

    Darn, curiosity is killing me now!

    - Is it coming from the inside or outside. Can it be heard from the outside as well? like a metal part from the rear suspension that is frictioning with other as the rear suspension drop when you pull away as spring?
    - Any other movable part in the rear. Have you tried droping the rear seats?
    - Is it part of the drive system since its only in aceleration. Does it happen on braking as well or coming to a stop suddently in neutral? using brakes and/or using engine braking?
    - Is it the chasis or cabin part. Do you hear it when you go up an inclined ramp that would also drop the rear? Do you hear it when the chasis twists such as in going up a ramp sideways?
    - Were is it more specifically located. Have someone ride in the back and try to pin point it.

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    It could be this i will try tomorrow. To be honest it sounds further back than the centre console. I thought it was the seat rails but I can't recreate it by jumping up and down/forward and backwards no matter how hard I try.

    Your description of the 'torque' of the car causing it is spot on. It's only if I pull away normally. If I pull away VERY gently it doesn't do it. It also does it in very low speeds for example if I'm doing about 10 - 20mph and I accelerate in first or second gear the noise can be recreated it only does it for a second and then as the cr settles into acceleration it goes away.

    Thanks for all your suggestions guys - I guess I will have to go back to the dealer. Shame it's over an hour away

    Not having much luck with this car - 1500 miles and one windscreen replacement and one new tyre - total cost over Pounds300

    Still love it to bits however. I must say the rest of the car is rattle free so this one noise is really bugging me. My 996 4S had lots of rattles but I had sport exhaust and this hid most of them!

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    Did you find out what is causing the creaking noise?

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?


    i had the same exact sound which used to happen when going over uneven pavement. it turned out to be the heat shield creaking when twisted. get it checked out that might be it.

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    Lads Wolvy post is back from 15th Jan 05 , lol..


    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    I'm still here!

    Even though I don't post very often I read this forum every day.

    The creaking noise seems to have cured itself - either that or I'm so used to it I don't seem to notice it anymore!

    Any way I also had a buzz on the exhaust and it went to the dealer twice who couldn't find it but the local Kwik Fit fixed it for free!

    Had the 2S for a year now and it's a fantastic car. I have an AMV8 coming soon but not sure how long I will keep it as I feel the time is right for a Turbo!

    Spoke to the dealer though about trade in prices and was told market was very slow this time of year and trade-in would be Pounds7 -Pounds10k below list. Quite a drop for 12mnths and the worst I've had on 3 porsches. Maybe it will hold out for a while as Pounds7 -Pounds10k wouldn't be so bad for 18 months of motoring if the value is the same in spring. Only done 4500 miles though!

    Dealer thought GT3 would be next September and the Turbo in the summer

    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas?

    Gents: almsot any P car that I driven or I have owned had some sort of a annoying squeak specially in cold weather. There is only so much that can be done. Also with stiff suspension and vibration sooner or later something will give. My 997S has been quiet so far but my 2005 C4S had a buzzing sound coming from the back seats here and there. The dealer never found it and they thought that I was crazy. On new cars after a while the noise will just go away once the car adjusts itself with a few miles.

    Re: Whenever I've heard creaking noises in one of my Porsches I

    clutch sensor? Mine creaks

    Re: Whenever I've heard creaking noises in one of my Porsches I

    It seems I've the same problem since the car was 5000Km (today it's 10'000).

    The problem disappear when the car is "hot" after an intensive use...

    I can hear it creaks accelerating and jamming the brake at slow speed.

    My dealer sais it's from the front arms...and the car is this week stopped for substitution.


    Re: Still got creaking noise in 997S - any ideas? had a thread that might be useful to you.



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