seems no-one says something in favor of the 488GTB in comparison to my GT3RS.1 i chime in: nicer looks, better ride - more compliant, no cup tyres which make me sweat in every downpour, rearview camera, parking sensors, reclining seats....altogether much more comfy. and the faster car. so what is not to like? except that it is game over for the GTB in 2 years.

I really like the 488GTB, it grew on me and I had the chance to drive it and to listen to it's exhaust/engine sound live. Made a big difference. In my opinion, the best sounding V8 Biturbo engine sportscar right now on the market.

Of course I would get a 488GTB over the RS but only because I am not much of a track addict anymore, so I would enjoy different things with this car.

However, don't forget that the 488GTB is already "old" maybe get a cheaper used one until the GTO arrives and then...switch. Smiley


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