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    2009 German F1 Grand Prix from the Nurburgring

    Well done Mark Webber on winning his first F1 race Smiley About time too Smiley To his credit, given the right equipment, he finally delivered Smiley And outperforming Vettel is not easy Smiley

    As each race goes by and Red Bull gets ever closer to Brawn, it's looking less and less likely that Brawn's Jenson Button will hold onto the lead in the Driver's Championship Smiley

    After such a winning run at the start and the possibility of Virgin Atlantic sponsorship, it all seems to be slipping away from Ross Brawn's team Smiley How things can change so quickly in F1 Smiley

    It just goes to show that having a dominant car at the start of the season is not enough - one has to keep developing the car throughout the season Smiley And Red Bull has done a great job of this incorporating a double decker diffuser on their car despite having a suspension system that makes this especially difficult to do - but having a genius like Adrian Newey makes anything possible Smiley

    I couldn't believe Rubens Barrichello's post race outburst. Such a mature guy losing his cool like that. Whatever feelings he may have had, he should IMO have expressed privately to his team instead of ranting on TV like that Smiley Not very professional Smiley

    And now today, Sebastian Bourdais has been sacked for underperforming - and being outperformed by his rookie team mate, Sebastian Buemi. And then he has the audacity to threaten legal action for being dropped Smiley If you don't perform, surely your days are numbered Smiley

    When will pretty boy Nelsinho Piquet be sacked? Smiley Surely he should make way for some other rising star like Bruno Senna Smiley

    Still, let's see what happens in the next race in Hungary Smiley But I have to say that the many rules changes haven't led to greater excitement in F1. It's become quite a predictable season now... Smiley


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    Re: 2009 German F1 Grand Prix from the Nurburgring

    wow yeah you are reffering to this interview.

    I can see his frustration!


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    Re: 2009 German F1 Grand Prix from the Nurburgring

    He was frustrated, but I think it's understandable.

    OTOH, talking like that to a team that has made the impossible come true race after race is way off. He should be grateful for the chance and the endresult.

    Re: 2009 German F1 Grand Prix from the Nurburgring

    IMO Barichello is the definition of the eternal loser.

    Definitely, in spite of the odd team order at Ferrari he was light years behind "7-titles and 91 wins Michael Schumacher".

    Now it's even worse for RB because he is beaten by theoretically average Button.

    Barichello must consider himself lucky that he has been with teams that allowed him to fill some trophy cabinets, a distinction that many better drivers in F1 history never had.


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