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    Help Me Deciede

    Need some help here.....

    I currently have a 2k1 c2 cab with 50k miles (why get it if you're not going to enjoy it!!!).

    2 moths ago I put my name (and depostit) down on a 997 c4s cab. After some research found out the car might not be available till 2k7 year.

    Last week i put in for the c2s cab which will have a 04/05 delivery. Am I making a mistake? still have both on order.

    p.s. don't use the car at all in the winter so the awd isnt a factor for the snow. Everyone says the c2s is more fun to drive anyway.

    anyone looking for a deal on my 2k1 le tme know.

    Re: Help Me Deciede

    Hello there,
    You have a 2001 C2 cab but which one? The 3.4L or the 3.6L? The 3.6L came out in the summer of 2001 and has a glass rear window and turbo lights.
    If it's the 3.4L you have then the extra 55 hp will make a huge difference, especially in added torque.
    The 3.6L already adds welcomed torque to the 3.4 at low regimes.
    But yes, I still think a 3.8L would be worth it. But not "have to get it!" if you see what I mean.
    The C4S cab (or whatever it'll be called) but we're talking about the turbo look Carrera cab here right?
    Well, it will perform marginally slower than it's 2WD sister with slimmer body so it's up to you, it'll be down to looks.
    But don't expect to see it for a while, it'll probably come out with the 997 Mark 2, which will have something like 15 to 20 hp more than the current model.

    Re: Help Me Deciede

    @fanch: I'm sure his 2001 cab. is the 3.4L. In the U.S. 3.6L cars came as 2002 cars (a la turbo look lights).

    As fanch said, you won't see that car probably till 997 MKII introduction; but 997 is a major improvement (performance wise) compare to 996 and the new 997 Cab. looks really hot to me .

    Re: Help Me Deciede

    thanks.... saw that pic of the blue and i couldnt wait another year or two. mine orderd is the one on the left.... midnight blue with same wheels but with sand beige interior. chrono sports shifter and nav. As trouble free as my 2k1 has been... just didnt want to chance it for that much longer w/o a warantee.

    And yes the body & hp change wasnt until 2k2 here in the US. bummed me out a bit when i saw it.

    Maybe this one will be a two yearer until the 997tt arrives

    Re: Help Me Deciede


    FYI, the one in the left is Cobalt Blue but Midnight Blue looks beautiful too. I like any variations of Blue.

    Re: Help Me Deciede

    I bought an 04 C4S this summer and I love it. It is a fantastic car to which I will soon add a Super charger. That said, If I were you I would take a 997 2S. The four wheel drive sticks like glue but I would love to have a bit more ability to oversteer with throttle. A RWD car will not offer the security of the AWD but may offer a bit more driver involvement.



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