Look jb, your posts still don't make sense to me and I'd honestly rather be wrong and have your stories be true than have some person pollute the board with fallacies. I just simply can't understand that someone with real problems just posts "PCCB is dangerous" and that's all. I mean your last post had dialog that sounded more believable. Why post here if you haven't seen your dealer, and if you have seen the dealer then you should be telling their story. Maybe I missed the post, but I don't hear any stories like "this is the third time I've taken it to the dealer and they still say nothing's wrong." Are there any posts like that? Your very first post demonstrates the problem with this whole tread in stark clarity.

"No one wants to look foolish spending $10k on brakes, but in the rain, the brakes don't work unless they are hot. Wicked scary, and an accident waiting to happen. "

Apparently there is no possibility that there's something wrong with just YOUR brakes, otherwise you would have asked others what their experiences are with PCCB. And you've said nothing about how you've tried to solve the problem or what the dealer has told you. So I think, either it's a hoax, or you are having some difficulty expressing yourself. Maybe you're so angry with the situation that the second choice is true. I hope you someday calm down so we can hear a complete and coherent account. Please don't patronize me again with a poem, I'm serious, posts about problems with cars should be there to figure out the problem and accomplish something. If the post is only to vent and you're not interested in actually solving your problem then you should have stated that in the beginning.